Well this is terrible. This young man obviously looks male so hopefully it’s a whole new character. I really loved Rose and Ten back in the day. Makes me so sad the way the show has gone. Down the tubes like Star Trek.

Is there such a thing as a “male” belly button because he’s got it

Were the editors laughing when they chose that photo of him in that blue top? That skinny torso with the defined abs and slim hips is pure young male. Zero feminine allure goin’ on there.

18 years old. Poor kid.

Do young people even watch Dr. Who? Is that a move to get them to?

Do young people even watch Dr. Who?

I'm gen z. My friends and I stopped watching a bit into 12th Doctor. The writing was getting a bit bad during 11th Doctor but I liked Matt Smith and Karen Gillan so I kept watching. It got so bad during the 12th, I just couldn't care about it anymore.

Is that a move to get them to?

If it is, it's not a very good one. I'm definitely not going to watch it now.

As long as nobody pretends he's a real woman.

He’s 100% going to play a woman and we’re all gonna be told to suck it up because it’s a show about aliens

This seems like a publicity stunt. And when the show runners spend more time bragging about checking diversity boxes than they do about writing a good show, you KNOW this is going to be a pandering piece of shit!

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This makes me glad I stopped watching that show years ago. Rose is such a great character. This shit is so fucking stupid. Mentally ill man playing Rose being accepted as canon? Nope. Show died as soon as they started bringing warped politics into it.

Another reason to stick to Classic Who.

I stopped watching New Who after how horribly they did Martha Jones. Woman was probably much more intelligent than Ten, but they made her out to be someone who was pining for his unrequited love. Then they pair her with Mickey because it's always a good idea for the two black cast-offs to get together.

Totally sticking to Classic Who. Team Tom Baker forever!

Omg honestly justice for Martha! She had so much potential and after the big love story with Rose I was ready for this new, cool, super smart woman to run circles after him. I could have slapped whoever decided that she was just going to spend all her time mooning after the doctor. It still pisses me off.

It seems like British TV shows have a weird hard on for making POC characters moon over white ones. I mean WTF dude?

I had to stop watching Endeavour for the same reason (he had a Jamaican nurse as a love interest and she came off kind of needy and clearly more into him than he was into her. He then ghosts her for unrelated reasons.).

The title makes it sound like he's playing the same character, but I think they're just sharing a name.

I thought he was going to play an alternative version of Rose from a parallel universe? Or something, I don' t know, I am too pissed off at the show and their runners to even look into it, to be honest.

I could be wrong, maybe he is playing Rose after all 🙄

Oh, maybe you' re not. I think I have read that, but I didn' t really look into it because frankly I don' t care. I haven' t watched the show in ages and I am not planning to start again anytime soon.

Doctor who has been pandering for a while. I think a lot of their viewership has dropped. I only see or heard of super nerdy gender woo people that still watch it

Yeah, I personally stopped watching some time around Capaldi' s tenure, which was a pity because I like him a lot and I thought he was a great Doctor, but the bad writing and the turning of Clara into the center of the Universe was just pissing me off.

I would have loved to experience 13, but I came to resent stuff that is sold as "empowering" for women because it tends to forget that the character in question is, well, a character, and it treats her like a woke token, which, as far as I understand, is exactly what they have done with Jodie' s Doctor.

Given the last week, I think that they are going to do the same with the new Doctor, and having a TIM companion doesn' t do anything to make me change my mind. I guess these writers have no idea how to learn a lesson. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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