New content would be awesome, but I also would looooove for HBO to do a high-production version of the original Harry Potter series - one season per book. Books 4-7 are so dense that the 2.5-hour movies didn't do them any justice. It'd be worth it alone just for the episode about the Quidditch World Cup.

I was so upset when they showed none of the Quidditch World Cup but somehow had time for that fake Hungarian Horntail escape.

I'm still enraged they made the french and Skandinavian schools females/males only. Because everyone knows french men are just fairy tales and obviously girls don't go to school in Skandinavia 🙄

Oh that didn’t bother me, they essentially go to boarding schools it’s not uncommon for them to be single sex only. I just assumed those particuar schools in those countries competed.

Plus europe isn’t that big and it’s not uncommon for children to go to schools in other countries especially if there’s cash involved (I’m sure jk said that hogwarts was a public school but others might not be)

Yes please! I'd love to watch it! Maybe make it animated? I don't know, but it's always been my dream to see the full story on screen

With real life actors it might not be possible because they grow so fast and if it's a big production with a lot of episodes per season, they might not be able to finish one season per year.

That being said, a GOT style high value production of Harry Potter in a series format is my wet dream. That and a sophisticated open map game about HP, which the new game might just be!

Honestly the Harry Potter universe deserves the franchise treatment. A House of Black show would be amazing, lot of history and background they could make shows about. I think we'd have to wait just a bit longer for a redo of the movies since the previous ones still hold weight and would affect sales.

I'd pay a lot to see a feature show about the weird inbred family of Tom Riddle. I loved these passages in the last book and was mad as hell they left them out. Less hiking and more Voldemort goddammit!!

Same. I found his backstory incredibly depressing, like how could anyone succeed when they're born into such circumstances.

Yes! It could focus on the three sisters (Andromeda, Narcissa, Bellatrix). Show them growing up, going to Hogwarts in the 60s with a cool vintage 60s aesthetic, meeting familiar characters as kids/teens, and their eventual falling out.

As a bonus we'd get more about Tonks!

What?!!!?? Get out! JK Rowling is actually that close to being officially uncancelled from her own Harry Potter works? By a major studio? Oh, happy day!

Actually, as other commentators have noted, I'd be happy if she were to be involved with remaking the first 3-4 Harry Potter books...it would be lovely to see new versions of these stories as an extended TV series...a series starring young actors other than Danielle Radcliff, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint 🤮...actors who wouldn't immediately bring to mind Shakespeare's devastating adage about betrayal from King Lear: "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child star protégé (although the original version just said "child")

And, wouldn't it be terrific if that new series was wildly successful?

That would be awesome. My favorite book is the Prisoner of Azkaban, that scene in the Shrieking Shack was butchered in the film, all the emotional intensity was gone. So it would be lovely to see a series that could explore the book content in depth. Hell, I’d even take a short animated series about Newt and his critters.

I personally loved the original three in the movies so it’s sad that they’ve become insufferable and aggressive towards the woman who made them stars. I think there’d be backlash against casting new little kids to play the main characters, but it’s been 20 years! Everything’s getting a remake nowadays—Disney, superheroes, even Lord of the Rings! It’s definitely time.

Yes, it definitely IS time. And, especially important that JK Rowling get the honor due her NOW.

First they ignore you.

Then they laugh at you.

Then they fight you.

Then, you win.

Seems like she is almost at the winning phase of that cycle now huh? :)

JK was never canceled. Not even the most vehement genderists could bear giving up her work, they just pretended she had nothing to do with it.

I'm so glad that of all the things we copy from the US, that one didn't make it here. I recently was gifted the books in a special edition and told everyone who didn't run away fast enough. Only comments i got was "fantastic! I love HP and JKR!"

[–] Califasauros 2 points Edited

You're right, she wasn't "cancelled." Even Twitter never banned her from the platform in spite of her asserting that sex is binary, real and important. But, across mainstream liberal legacy media she was labeled a bigot...hateful...a transphobe...with little pushback or critical analysis.

A better word for her circumstances would center on the fact that the woke all tried to make her into a pariah. She wasn't cancelled...she was "pariahized." Made into an outcast.

Wish there was a better word than "pariahized" though...it does not roll off the tongue.

Nice! I'd like to see more Potter content with Rowling at the helm. No Emma, No Ezra.

And while this new CEO is at it, he can do something about that woke Constantine on HBO max.

I would love to see some content in the Harry Potter world from JK where a woman is finally the main character.

Yeah...completely understand why she went with Harry Potter, a male character, all those years ago -- young males have a very difficult time identifying WITH female characters, but times have changed...it would be lovely to experience a story arc based on a witch at Hogwarts.

I'd love to see more about Tonks—she attended Hogwarts the same years as Bill and Charlie Weasley so we'd get some familiar characters.

Or the 3 Black sisters (Andromeda, Narcissa, Bellatrix) who eventually part ways. They went to Hogwarts in the 1960s so it could totally have that 60s Marvel aesthetic that's so popular these days. I just want to see what the vintage uniforms would look like!

This was always my one gripe with the series: more important male characters than female!

I know it was like that for a reason, but still always irked me that Harry wasn't a girl and the interesting characters like Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort, etc, were men.

[–] otterstrom 4 points Edited

Agreed. I totally understand that if Harry had been female, no one would ever have known about the series. But now that it’s one of the most popular stories in cultural history, and now that she’s very wealthy and already out, I’m hoping that maybe it’s time?

What a testament to how difficult it is to have women stories told. Even the most affluent best selling female author of all time still writes male characters

Like the Golden Compass series. Came out around the same time, excellently written, but not nearly as much publicity.

and the interesting characters like Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort, etc, were men.

I'd argue that Minerva McGonagall or Bellatrix Lestrange were plenty interesting. But I get what you mean, compared to the men they were kind of "second tier".

[–] slytherin 3 points Edited

Umbridge and Bellatrix were fascinating to me because I love female villains.

Also: We're all forgetting about how great Hermione is. And Molly Weasley.

He'd be an idiot not to. People who make money like that are all about numbers. He can plainly see how much more of an audience there is for JKR's content than there are detractors of her (very astute) opinions. Even people who profess hatred for her are probably binge watching her movies with Cheetos crumbs on their chests all weekend.

Netflix and now HBO are starting to realise that outside the woke Hollywood bubble that most actual customers don't think that way.

Hopefully they do go through with more Harry Potter content as I am a big fan of the books and films

It was downright shameful for that documentary to shun her. The Potterverse wouldn't exist without her. Karma is pretty magical. 😏

Genuinely hate that shit, will never watch even a trailer of that. Complete immoral cash grab by irrelevant assholes.

This is great news! She's coming out of the other end of the Witch Hunt era.

[–] no- 19 points

And She Who Shall Not Be Canceled remains invincible!

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