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Imagine what you’d look like as a little transwoman cum dumpster

Wow what a ladylike thing to say!!

Poor woman, she doesn't even speak much English, and her blog is just GIFs. She wasn't bothering anyone, and was attacked just for being South Korean. Creepo just assumed she was a radfem and decided to sexually harras her. Disgusting males.

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South Korean lesbian here; **South Korea is a dystopia for women to begin with. **

South Korean women are practically forced into plastic surgery all the time just to have a successful chance of surviving there. Fuck this. It boggles my mind why anyone has to think more than 3 seconds as to why we might have an astronomical suicide rate coupled with low birth rates.

What could be more male than rape and death threats? Their XY chromosomes are showing.

She's not even a Radfem. Just an innocent South Korean woman who loves making Fandom gifts and memes.

Its the same loser making multiple sock accounts to be cringe. Even the trans people in the reblogs are saying it's fucked up..

Many sisters in my life told me not to interact with English speaking friends because if they find fault with you and make them angry, they’ll call you with misogyny like you’ve never seen before.

It’s just crazy how the West are gonna be seen as the rapey fascist ones

All feminists and the vast majority of women meet the criteria for being a "terf", even the transmaids. We could just rewrite this as "woman doxxed for being a woman", or "men gang up to harass woman online".

How can no one but us see the entire TRA movement for the witch-hunt it is?

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this is fucking horrifying... not Korean but nearly fluent in Korean and I'm appalled by the slurs and hate they're throwing in addition to the flagrant misogyny. mask off huh? (the comfort women comments... slurs like g**k...)