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This is the kind of shit that peaked me a few years ago-not the pronouns, the medical issues, the erasure of women, no. It was the violence and sexual depravity that TIMs just couldn't seem to keep themselves from spouting. It is undeniable that so many (too many) are the worst masculinity has to offer; they are a walking, talking rot, both inside and out.

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How convenient that high profile TRAs never see this behavior.

I was never a TRA, but was more of a live and let live kind of gal. Then JKR released her essay and I saw all the nasty tweets telling JKR to "choke on girl dick" and I knew I against whatever side those people are on.

The TRAs who did address it were like "Well that's not nice guys." A major under reaction to thousands of rape threats.

The same people trying police pronouns because it's literal violence also expect "terfs" to just shrug off rape threats. Because words can't hurt people when it's convenient for their argument.

Seeing futa mentioned just shows how much porn brainrot this TIM has.

This. This is just pure, unfiltered misogyny.

Yeah I have no idea what futa is and I'm not googling it lol

I'm cursed to know due to pornsick men grooming me 😔

In a better world, it is only the Federal Unemployment Tax Act LOL

I wish I didn't know about it, oh well.

For normal people it's the Federal Unemployment Tax Act

I only read the first few sentences. It's interesting how he assumes everyone believes in the idea there's a "right side of history".

I knew they had to have a TERF fetish! I’ve suspected it ever since I noticed how much they accuse us—or any gender critical person really—of “obsessing” over trans people’s genitals, of thinking about it all the time, you get the idea.

But the only time I’d ever seen any example is this post, though in that case it seems to be a specific manifestation of a TiM with a degradation kink, not… not what this is.

Spoken like a typical male incel. Why don't the TRAs ever speak against this shit? They can't claim they don't see it b/c I don't even look for it and I see it.