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Funny that the majority of violence committed against trans identified people is committed by men and yet its always feminists that their violent fantasies revolve around. I hope the sign at least causes some woke women to realize what they really stand for. All the talk about fighting "transphobia" is just an excuse for violent misogyny. If it was really about "transphobia" their main target would be right wing men

Majority? Literally zero trans people were ever killed by terfs.

For real, if a TERF ever killed a single trans person you can bet your arse the TRAs would be banging on about it ad infinitum, as if that were proof that they're the Most Oppressed People Ever™ and us evil TERFs are trying to genocide them at all times. 🙄

To be fair, literally 8 million innocent beautiful transwomen are killed by a disgusting TERF every second. r/traaaaaa said it so it must be true!

My violent ex used to obsess over the idea of curb stomping. He transitioned. Now it's acceptable. :/

Oh my... I had to Google that. Terrible. I hope you're okay.

Yeah it was years ago. I had to move 600 miles away and I lost all of my friends but I still have teeth so 🤷‍♀️

Does anyone know the organization’s name so we can put a face to the leaders in it who are blatantly promoting violence? I’d like to know who is funding and promoting a message to terrify and threaten women.

Libfems are so pathetic they'll grovel and weep that the bitchy TERFs deserve it for not just IDing out of womanhood and letting males take what they want. Oh if only these stupid women had just been NICE and they would not have been subjected to violence!

I still can’t believe that they think we are the violent, uncaring ones (though I’m sure it’s because they blame acts of disgusting cruelty against them by men aren’t remotely even feminist, let alone radfems, on us).

They seriously joke about killing us, committing violence against us, or hoping we kill ourselves; and despite all of that, still see us as the evil side. Fuck, I can’t wait until more people start peaking.

I wonder how long it will take for them to finally cross into men’s spaces before they finally get whats coming to them?

Again and again TIMs keep showing how truly violent they are, and that's why I'll never support them.

Notice how you never see feminist campaigns against women make "jokes" and slogans about "scrotes have no teeth!" or references to kicking men in the balls. We actually experience violence in the hands of men and we still don't threaten them with violence, whereas TIMs do not experience any violence at the hands of radfems and yet they think it is ok to threaten us.

They are truly so unhinged.

has it been vandalised yet?

perhaps someone can cover it with the names of all those dead children the TRAs ripped off a mural recently in France I think it was.

Those are clearly teeth, however fucked they may be. Slogan and image do not match so I must reee.