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I know we all know this but even the most vile woman I’ve met just wouldn’t ever resort to rape threats.. so quintessentially male.

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Men who can't use their penises responsibly should have them taken away.

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Maybe in a couple of generations we would have a good amount of nice men outside

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or mouths. let's duct tape their mouths and tie their hands and tuck their dicks into their own arses

And risk them spilling seed on me because it’s their fetish? No thanks!

The femininity just exudes from the speaker. I don't see how the 15 year old could ever be confused by the gender of the speaker. I always speak like that in real life and online, and always immediately think violent rape is the answer to someone disagreeing with me. So womanly. Much gender. /s

Oh wait...

It’s especially insidious because he’s fixated on her age too. Like at 15yo she should be too naïve to see him for who he is.

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He is not an outlier. He is typical. This is what they are. All of them. He just says it out loud publicly.

Reason number infinity and counting why these guys demanding to pee next to us and more is obviously dangerous

I seriously wonder where i would be now, if i hadn't defended trans people on reddit, only for them to call me a terf and point me to GC. I do vaguely remember that i was already getting tired of my trans friends shit, but i genuinely did believe in trutrans, ie that medicine shows that medical transition makes people feel better who suffer from pathological distress over their sexed bodies. Now i can't help but think... Why did they never get better then? Ive Said before i was friends with trans people, and they were all depressed NEETs living off their parents money. Last i heard they're still living only online and fighting their increasingly debilitating health problems.

Has anyone ever known a TIP that led a normal productive life? Lol not me

I know one--he's incredibly driven, creative, intelligent, and successful. But also suicidality depressed, most likely autistic (I don't mean this is a bad thing), and concerningly hyperfixated on anime. It's beguiling that he's never struck me as a misogynist (like literally every other man in our social circle did), but at the same time his transition goals seem to come largely from anime. Like, he's clearly always seen me as a person/equal, but at the same time always struck me as something of a closet pervert. But not in a predatory way? It's bizarre. People are complicated.

It's hard to say from my outside perspective whether transitioning has helped him or not. But I suspect not that much. Those issues are just way more deep rooted, and "complete transition" is an impossible, unattainable dream, a carrot on a stick that will always leave you wanting more.

This is something that has always confused me. How can a human being think they can transform into a cartoon character? Is it the autism? It just seems like a recipe for disappointment.

Damn dude, really proving those women wrong who think you’re a dangerous man

I hope the individual who wrote this was reported to the authorities.

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