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They just want to peeeee. Unless a woman sets boundaries, and then they want to beat the shit out of her. But you know, they’re not a threat to us or anything. 🙄

I can practically SMELL the hentai rolling off of this greasy dude.🤢 He’s got those porn rot, dead eyes🤢, the gaming chair ( video game addictions)🤢, the lesbian fetish🤮 and misogyny 🤮. He’s the run-of-the-mill repugnant, violent ,coom-brained , yuri obsessed weeaboo I remember from school.

Funny how they never pick on anyone their own size. Classic man behaviour.

This is why I give less than 1 shit when they yeet their weiners.

From his Twitter: “Now when I bounce my leg and am not wearing a bra my boobs jiggle 😳

Only a porn addicted, exhibitionist MALE would say this. Fucking troomer.

Just one more reason to carry pepper spray, learn to use a gun if you're in the US, and be wary of TIMs in public.

They really are a walking talking posting PSA for the Second Amendment, aren't they-?

Compare this to people who assert that mental health disorders aren't real, have you ever seen anyone barking about wanting to beat them up for it?

He's on there bragging about how high he is and how much weed he smoked and then in the next breath begging for gas money posting his venmo, give me a fucking break

Must be hard for men - Seems like the only recourse he had to get rid of his crippling acne was to take E I guess.

I mean, there are skincare regimes and whatnot out there (like washing your face) but those require actual effort and we know how hard putting an iota of work into anything is for men. 🤷‍♀️

incel to trans pipeline? what type of creature is that "before" photo?

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