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Throwing around “bitch” and “terf cunt” with impunity at a place of employment.

Tell me that you are a men without telling me directly that you are a man.

Nightmare in a workplace.

I miss working (retired) but don’t miss working in 2022.

Yeah and he complains about her lack of empathy and the irony here is just so rich. But that's what happens when you have an entire sex of people who are told they deserve empathy, compassion and service from the other sex but are never expected to return the favor

I really don’t think even a regular man would get away with this.

Only the most privileged of man, a TI man could get away with this

I miss working

I’d change place with you in a heartbeat

[–] BlackCirce 135 points Edited

The purity of his male rage, aggression and entitlement is just chefs kiss 10/10 five stars, it almost sounds like one of ours wrote it

One of the ways TERFs advance in discourse is by playing optics, gaslighting, and making transwomen look deranged.

Bestie they do it to themselves think about how fucked up a man has to act for the public to find radical feminists reasonable on any issue 😭

One of the ways TERFs advance in discourse is by playing optics, gaslighting, and making transwomen look deranged.

Lol they do that all by themselves, we just have the audacity to point it out and call them on it

For real! I literally laughed when he said that if the HR lady had taken his complaint “seriously” the first time then he wouldn’t “have had” to show what a deranged man he is.

That's so typically male, isn't it? "I wouldn't have had to commit violence if she hadn't made me do it by not complying."

Same vibes as "I wouldn't have brought a knife into school if the girl I liked had just agreed to go out with me"

I'm so going to upvote that post so it gets more traction, it's gold. It just shows ho deranged he is

[–] ghoul2 117 points

"Just remember TERFs would kill AMAB trans folks en masse if they ever got the chance because they think we're men and all men are evil"

Huh? What? What in the name of wild unfounded assumptions. Women want there to be LESS violence in the world, I think...

[–] BlackCirce 85 points Edited

What does (s)he mean by if we got the chance? Are men all hidden in a bunker somewhere?

Right? If women are just waiting for the chance to kill the AMAB transes en masse, where are the mass shootings committed by women at comic cons and video game stores? Get real....

They say these things and yet they're the only ones with a best selling novel about TiMs killing an evil cabal of "cis" women.

Novel? What is the title?

Manhunt. Post apocalyptic. Poor widdle trans girls get menaced by big bad TERFs. Also, JKR is murdered. And a pregnant black woman. And for some reason they eat human testicles for DIY HRT. I don't fucking get it either, sis.

Sounds like PURE PROJECTION because TiMs and TRAs are quite literally always sending rape and death threats to women all the time.

Men think this because that's what they'd do if anyone dared to treat them the way men treat women.

"Just remember TERFs would kill AMAB trans folks en masse if they ever got the chance because they think we're men and all men are evil"

"Ma'am I just want our bathrooms penis-free."

And this is after he said, "One of the ways TERFs advance in discourse is by playing optics, gaslighting, and making transwomen look deranged."

LOL, what a perfect example of how they do it all themselves: "TERFs use tactics like trying to make us look deranged!! Which we obviously aren't and TERFs would kill everyone male en masse in a worldwide male genocide if they got the chance!!!!!! And that includes us because they think male people are men for some reason!!!!!!!!"

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[–] Killer_Danish 95 points Edited

Wow, this post is like trans-BINGO: Excessive use of misogynistic slurs against women? CHECK! Claims sticker lady is “denying their entire identity”? CHECK! Demands HR uses CSI tactics to find the sticker lady? CHECK! Comparing people not bowing down to their trans identity to be “just like racism”? CHECK! Threatening a random person they think is a T**F with zero evidence? CHECK! Blaming their violent actions on a woman who “provoked” them (real or imagined)? BIG FUCKING CHECK!

EDIT: I’m getting STICKERS!! (If it drives them so mad that they out themselves as the unstable males they are, well, I will sticker!)

Lol I started looking for some literally bc of this post. I still think it might be a troll, but whatever, I need those stickers

What kind of a workplace are you if you don't offer fingerprint tracking, really?

This would work at a federal agency or in the military. But that's it. And even they might draw the line at what would be wasteful use of resources.

I got a pack of stickers from Reduxx. I became a patron on their Patreon and they sent me a 10 pack.

Two of them say 'Women = adult human female'

It literally has everything, it's almost like a satire! If it wasn't so rambling and repetitive I would think it was terven work! Don't forget getting enraged by the mere dictionary definition of "woman".

Username is “daintydaisy” come on this is definitely a troll post

I think his username has made an appearance here and there on a few Ovarit threads. He's practically famous for all the wrong reasons.

TIMs are basically full-time trolling all of womankind, so you could both be right.

He is relatively new (account is a month old), but all post history tells me he’s an AGP who likes Peloton. He sticks mostly to Karma farming on stalker sub.

[–] Firstdayinhell 96 points Edited

You want to create more terfs? Because that is exactly how you create more terfs. Everytime these people intimidate women, use slurs, make ridiculous demands and show aggression, new terfs are made

Peaking an HR person is a particularly impressive achievement, though. HR has become the home of all things woke.

If we weren’t in dangerous times I would have commented offering Ovarit codes

My favorite part is where she pretends not to know what a terf is. Hahahha! 10/10

And all those times he compared this to black people dealing with racism. Entitled white male asshole.

The only way that analogy even holds up is if some black people with almost zero white ancestry were going around pretending to be white and someone posted a sticker saying "white person = person with a very small amount of melanin" in the break room.

TIMs are equivalent to the reverse, white people pretending to be black (which some do), and then getting all organisations and the law on their side and forcing mass compliance with their race identity, and then still throwing tantrums at tiny signs of dissidence like stickers.

Let's be honest: there are probably tons of people in the world who legitimately do not know what a TERF is.

Additionally, what's a terf? Anyone who believes biology is real? That's most people, my dude.

LMAO I couldn't get through all that, it honestly read like satire, esp the fingerprints part lolol

I think trans people should have human rights and I don't deny their existence and I believe a woman is an adult human female. Why do they exaggerate and flip out so much? It's so embarrassing. I had to stop reading when this absolute scrotum of a dude once again pulled the "imagine if a black person saw a racist sticker". Shut the fuck up and stop using us to prop up your shitty beliefs

Also what the fuck is this?

Just remember TERFs would kill AMAB trans folks en masse if they ever got the chance because they think we're men and all men are evil by their very nature in the realm of TERF ideology.

Whaaaat?? I've literally never seen a radical feminist say anything more violent than, "imagine if all the men disappeared tomorrow"

I've never seen a threat of violence towards transgender ppl on this website, EVER. I'm not sure but I think someone would be banned for threatening actual violence against anyone.

They are really deranged. They spread this nonsense, then shut us down if we ever try to explain our side and even advise ppl not to look into our beliefs. That's a hallmark of a cult. Sad bc this cult involves so many minors with frontal lobes that aren't fully developed

I like it when TiMs open their mouth, and a whole man falls out.

I looked through the user's past posts and it is like they know the most infuriating thing to say about every topic, which makes me think this has either got to be a pretty good troll or a particularly unhinged transwoman. Pregnancy dysphoria? Start saving up for a surrogate! Wife worried about an agp husband? Don't worry about her, focus on your euphoria. Skirt go spinny is underrated. Stop calling oppressed women in Afghanistan women. And they're not getting too much pushback or downvotes, so in any case it's perfect peaking material

Stop calling oppressed women in Afghanistan women.

Oh shit, it's that guy. That take of his was on /translogic a few weeks ago.

Dude if you don’t feel safe, just use the men’s bathroom - won’t be any scary female stickers in there!

Yikes, the heat of blistering male rage made my eyes water through the screen for a sec there 😅 funny how TERFs are everywhere, even the PM... almost as if that's the majority position?

Ok but jokes aside, if this actually happened (I take my reddit with a saltseller full of salt) I hope his coworker complains to HR and he gets his marching orders. (Or did she and I missed it because holy cow, please use paragraph breaks, insensed lunatics on reddit, reading that screed all I could see was misogynistic slurs punctuated with TERFs.)

Yes it says she complained to HR

"Not only that but she then went to complain to HR about me and now I have been called in for a meeting with them tomorrow. Supposedly I have been accused of “harassment” which is just absurd."

Good on her! I hope we get an update with poetic justice.

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