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She’s not really your typical TERF as usually TERFs are all ugly but she’s actually kinda hot and seems cool to most people, she also seems too young to be a TERF.

Oh man, they really hate no one more than older women. He’s dropping misogyny everywhere. What a mess.

It's like that recent tweet-statement from Jamila Jamil that sneered at the very notion of listening to "middle-aged cis women."

They're mask-off and I honestly have to laugh at anybody who tries to pretend otherwise.

Hope she's ok with having her thoughts and opinions cease to be of import within the next few years. Seriously, if basic morality and respect aren't enough incentive to refrain from perpetuating ageism and sexism, one's own self-preservation shoud be.

I'm about to say sound conceited but idgaf. This always makes me laugh cause these TIMs would be so fucking mad if they knew what I looked like lmao

this comment;

TERFs would kill AMAB trans folks en masse if they ever got the chance because they think we're men and all men are evil by their very nature in the realm of TERF ideology.

Only a man would think like that. so I'll say it louder

We don't want to kill you or beat you, we want you to stop colonizing us, our language, our spaces, our opportunities, our sports our fucking lives. We REFUSE to be your fetish.

[–] DurableBook 64 points Edited

The projection is unreal.

No, we don't want to kill you. We also don't want to rape you or beat you or torture you or sterilize you or force you to incubate fetuses for us or anything of the things YOU fantasize about doing to women who you hate.

We just want you to leave us alone.

That's what "man-hating" looks like. When women hate men, we dream about getting away from men and not having any contact with them at all. That's literally it.

when women hate men, they avoid men. when men hate women, they kill women.

I've seen lots of women saying "kill all men", a tik tok lady saying "we must kill all men", women saying "men are useless, we should get rid of them."

but tell me boys, has there ever been a woman who went on a murder spree of multiple men and cited her man-hatred as the reason? resounding no.

now, how many men have mass-killed women? plenty.

in short: shut the fuck up, you're not oppressed🥱

Women don’t want to kill men. We want them to stop killing us.

Do you ever see us posting “shoot TRA’s! Punch a TIM! Transwomen die challenge!”…NO! We’re not violent. Violence is THEIR rhetoric. And violence is a MALE disease.

I am shocked that he had the audacity to look in co-worker’s bags. Also, all the women in the story are “bitch” and cunt”, and the TIMs are “lovely ladies”. I am worried about the woman he wants to target. I wish there was a way to warn her…

I am worried about the woman he wants to target. I wish there was a way to warn her…

If you look through this person's history, there's a 99.99% chance this is a GC troll account fishing for loony responses.

It's entertaining but most likely not real.

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TERFs are all ugly but she’s actually kinda hot

This person is male one end to the other.

she's a single mum and so everyone panders to her. It sucks.

And having a good bit of envy too.

With a good dose of the single mom hatred that men seem to have.

I swear they’re pissed every time they’re reminded how useless and disposable they are, and single mothers are a MASSIVE reminder of that

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this guy is either an expert troll trying to prove a beautiful point, or he's an absolute psycho.

This is actually pretty common behavior for men against a woman they don't like.

Way to not come off as an insecure and misogynistic lunatic of a man with zero respect for personal boundaries. Good God. I want to believe that this is just a very convincing troll, but the events of the last few years cause me to find such a scenario unlikely.

[–] GCRadFem 39 points Edited

Fucking Daisy. He is full-on nuts and it scares me for his hunting behavior and totally inappropriate and out-of-proportion anger. I am not even sure that I believe him when he says he hunted down the woman with the stickers.

He smells like absolute danger to me. I wish we knew where he worked.

His anger management skills are non-existent.


His post 6 days ago:

Hey ladies, this week there has been a TERF troll at my work trying to bait me and provoke me. Unfortunately I reacted very badly for to this and got far too angry about it. Not only that but I posted about it here while I was still angry and hadn't processed it properly. I failed to properly acknowledge that what I did was wrong and not a proportionate response.

Unfortunately all the TERFs somehow found it and screenshotted it and it ended up on TERF forums. They used it as evidence of how "deranged" "TIMs" are. As much as there reaction is over the top and also disproportionate, they are right what I did was wrong and the way I reacted was wrong and some of the language I used was wrong. I am sorry as I feel I let all of you down. I know TERFs try and look for every little tiny thing to try and take us down and when one of us does something then this affects everyone and they use it as evidence against all of us. And that is not fair, but I gave them more than a tiny thing and unfortunately they found it and have used it to try and take us down and I just want to say sorry to everyone as I feel bad. My dad passed away about 2 weeks ago, he was a transphobe and I had cut contact with him some time ago. But I told myself that I didn't care about him and his death when in reality I did and I bottled up a lot of emotions about this and unfortunately I let some of what I was feeling out in anger to a TERF and this has unfortunately damaged the image and reputation of the entire trans community and I am sorry I did this.

I am making a real effort to try and be calmer and have a clear head now and it has been a wake up call for me. I am sorry again and thanks for those of you lovely ladies who helped me realise this

TERFs try and look for every little tiny thing to try and take us down

We don't have to look very hard...

[–] eire 46 points

I actually do believe he rooted through all the women's handbags because he has no respect for them or their privacy. Then he followed this up with online stalking and is disappointed she's attractive because all terfs must be ugly and undesirable women!

I fear for that woman's safety. He's a menace.

Yeah. If this transcel freak is actually real, the fact that terf goddess is gorgeous will increase his aggression towards her. I hope it’s all bullshit.

This was my thought too. If she's enviable, she's in even bigger danger than if she could be dismissed as an old hag.

[–] Aparallaxia 22 points Edited

Not long ago he produced a long screed about How to Lady—voice, gestures, dress, expression, conversation—and when someone called him out for being sexist the first words out of his mouth were, 'Fuck off'.

Just love how he's not sorry for being a lunatic but just because his actions are gonna reflect badly on them

I wonder what the terrible sticker said. Also loling at his surprise that her public social media is not brimful of GC material. Once again, no empathy or understanding about why the single mother of a daughter might need to keep her thoughts largely to herself.

You can't control people's minds. It's futile to try. The person who suggested this poster actually try being a nice and decent person is on the right track.

[–] spw [OP] 33 points Edited

The sticker read "woman=adult human female." It was literally just a dictionary definition

https://archive.ph/sfV1f this was the post of the original event, this is a followup to that

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I'm an enby who was raised by a TERF... Just remember TERFs would kill AMAB trans folks en masse if they ever got the chance because they think we're men and all men are evil by their very nature in the realm of TERF ideology. They are willing to do anything to achieve that goal (that includes lying, playing the victim, etc...).


I forgot about that previous post and the replies. Like, who just makes stuff like this up, comfortably, and with such assurance and authority?? I guess it's easy when nothing you believe in is based on truth to being with, but YIKES. They convince themselves and then convince others. It's insane.

Also, this just shows that to them TERF=Woman. Men get called transphobes.

Edited to add: It makes me angrier when I think about all of the baby girls that are actually murdered before they get a chance to experience life, all for the simple and unchangeable fact of being born female. They are actually killed en masse. And not even because people think that the girls are evil, but even worse, because they just don't view them as people or worthy of life.

I try not thinking about anything they say but sometimes the language they choose to use is so offensive because of how despicable it is. Women aren't killing any males en masse. Other males are doing that, though. Something they love to ignore.

"She must be a terf because she doesn't wear much makeup and claims not to know what a terf is!1!1!!" This person is unhinged!

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These men seem to have uncontrollable rage that they want to take out on someone and women are the easiest targets. They never seem to go after other men. They label women "TERFs" and they think that justifies their abuse. The behavior is so obsessive and unhealthy. These men have legitimate mental health issues and just absolutely refuse to get treated. It's so scary because you don't know when they are going to go off and actually hurt somebody.

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