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"Sterilize transphobes". Oh really? Why is that? Could it be that sterilization is undesirable?

Their jealousy toward female reproductive abilities is showing.

simple answer to that is something something your mum, but I doubt they would get the irony.

My stickers, which I've posted about before, say things like:

  • No one is born in the wrong body
  • Children cannot consent to sterilization
  • "Woman" is not a feeling
  • Body acceptance is liberation
  • Boys can wear dresses
  • Puberty is not a disease
  • Rowling did nothing wrong

These stickers are routinely scratched out (sometimes hard enough to mar the lamppost beneath, as you can see) and violent threats added in their place. As I mentioned in the previously linked post, I've been leaving them up and adding a "violence is a feature, not a bug, of this movement" sticker as a sort of curatorial commentary.

I've seen "Respect women-only spaces" also scratched out hard enough to gouge out the enamel on the post below. Meanwhile "Kill all terfs" on an elementary school sign was untouched.

Meanwhile "Kill all terfs" on an elementary school sign was untouched.

That happens around here too. There's a huge sticker of a trans flag with an AR-15 and the words "defend equality" on it that hasn't been touched in months. I put up the dictionary definition of "woman" and get death threats.

I managed to identify the TIM responsible for the gouging as well. He was the "serial killer eyes" type, not the "harmless-seeming misogynistic HSTS" type.

Keep stickering!!! Keep giving them opportunities to show who they are.

If anything, I feel bolder than ever! Every bit of public derangement is another person potentially peaked.

They can't resist threatening people into compliance, can they? 🙄 They could tear down or cover up any stickers or posters they think are bigoted, but they have to show off their irrational violent streaks for all to see in the hopes it puts off the original sticker-ers and/or anyone who might agree with them.

I love that you are using USPS shipping products to do this. Sticker project part 2, arrows pointing to the hate comments saying, this is why women need single-sex spaces. Maybe with a "return to sender." A good follow-up for making the point clear.

A very male response to automatically attack and kill (or rape) all opposition 🙄 Male trans incels are just the very worst of society.

I'm sorry (but not surprised, knowing the violence men threaten women with if we don't comply) that these have been the responses, but how brilliant was the counter stickering of the JK Rowling quote? You shown a spotlight on their violence without even coming close to stooping to their level.

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