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It's telling how feminism is now "anti-trans" if it doesn't capitulate to males.

“Keep your community safe by donning a mask and threatening women who aren’t doing anything wrong!”

Putting an X through the phrase let women speak

I don’t understand how any girl or woman with brain cells to rub together doesn’t see how violently misogynistic this movement/ideology is..

It's very scary. TRAs don't want anyone to infringe on their rights, but they have no problem infringing on the rights of others. They are openly terrorizing women for exercising their rights to free speech and freedom of assembly.

"mask up". Cowards. A bunch of gross misogynist cowards. I hope security teaches them a lesson.

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They need to be unmasked and their faces posted all over the Internet. So the parents can see what their kids are up to. And in some cases, the monsters that 'affirmation' created.

They need to be unmasked

They'll claim it's a "gender-affirming mask" and such a demand is transphobic. 🤪

Sometimes I wonder if these people know really what it is that they are fighting for or against….what it is they are supporting or denying….or if it’s just something else to belong to. I think I am just a little altruistic at times. Like, surely if people had more information, more support, then they would make better choices and see things more objectively.

But no. There are just a lot of people in the world who can’t, but who also won’t. It’s always my flawed assumption that people universal abhor cruelty. That just isn’t so.

Jesus Christ. This kind of intimidation just makes me more determined

Not one of these people or the children at the Tacoma event could actually say what it is that Kellie-Jay Keen And The Terfs ( I so want there to be a band with this name soon) says that is transphobic, racist, or bigoted. They also call JKR a bigot and a transphobe and are likewise unable to tell us what she said that makes them believe that. There is not one enquiring mind among them that thinks, "Maybe I should arm myself with some quotes from them so I can prove their transphobia to others."

So odd. That address doesn't even exist. Pioneer court exists, but Michigan Avenue ends at 1000.