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Pretty sure we never stopped being afraid of men, especially mentally ill ones. That's why we don't want to pee in the same room.

Make women afraid again? Why thank you for proving why we need single sex spaces away from men and whatever they identify as.

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Someone on r/detrans made the point that TRAs hate us the most because we make the most sense. They have to tell everyone we’re the biggest, most evil threat in existence so that otherwise reasonable people won’t listen to us. Matt Walsh types aren’t as scary to them because the average liberal will easily recognize his brand of politics as misguided extremism. But the average non-idiot/non-fanatic would understand what we’re saying is wrong with gender ideology if they had a chance to hear our position without TRAs screeching “fascist” in the background.

Between TRAs and incels, it's so scary to be a woman. These people are NOT trying to achieve equal rights, they are threatening terror on women for not having the same beliefs as them. Their rights end when they start infringing on the rights of others. Having equal rights does not give you free reign to harm other people. And many TRAs are already passing that point.

Stay vigilant? Against some women who have different beliefs than you? This isn't fucking war. These people are insane. They just need to come out and say they're misogynists and want to hurt women and they'll use any excuse to justify it. It doesn't matter what someone else says or does. You have no right to assault or kill them. What the fuck is wrong with TRAs?

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What a brave "Trans Antifa Leader", what with his 160 followers. I guess identifying as a leader is also valid uwu.

Make TERFs afraid again

Sadly, women have never stopped being afraid of unhinged men. If you were an actual woman, you would have known that.

Edit: Seems he changed their name to an equally embarrassing Trans Rights or Antifa Street Fights.

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Bruh.. we are the ones at demonstrations calling out for men to be banned from women's spaces because you make us have a reason to be afraid.

No shit! They're literally giving women a valid safety reason to not want men or men who wear women's clothes in our spaces. They have shown time and time again they will resort to violence over simple words. They are dangerous.

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