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They drew the female speaker holding a sign reading “I had this coming” under an incoming stomping boot. Victim blaming is totes the right side of history, huh? But yeah, go on with the lies that we’re the violent ones. Women speak. Men stomp. I mean, that’s what you drew. It’s right there.

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Nothing says "drowning out hate" quite like the image of a boot stomping on a group of women with one woman holding a sign that says "I had it coming!"

they think violence is an appropriate response to words they disagree with.

hopefully they will be peaking many people with this obviously disgusting behaviour.

Don’t you know, only men with greasy long hair and badly drawn on eyeliner wearing dresses can get away with saying that!

He just has to go by she/her pronouns and he can get away with anything.

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The women about to be stomped under a giant boot seems like a pretty good metaphor for what's been happening. Who makes this stuff? Do they not see how that looks lmao

It’s interesting that the “TERFS” being stomped on clearly look female and nearly all the TRAs look male (or neutral which is what they are probably going for).

Someone even wrote that “TERFS” are the violent ones. The lies they spread.

I just can't even...the unhinged male lunatic in a dress screeching Nazi and "you'll die alone fascist" at unassuming middle-aged ladies are the peaceful victims here. Where is the RAGE emoji???!?

This is just plain evil. All of this will never make me accept a man in a dress as a woman.

They're hiring private security and asking for donations: https://twitter.com/KnownHeretic/status/1591180908174127104

Yes they definitely need to.

I saw (formally lesbian) venues like and share this post on Instagram. They are rallying people up. It really makes me sick to see how far gone the community has sunk into the trans cult. I feel very sad that gay and lesbian culture is dead and how the misogyny of it all is so out in the open.

I feel very sad that gay and lesbian culture is dead

Nah, we're not dead. It's this psychopathic ideology that's on its last fucking legs.

I really do hope so. Living in a liberal city makes you feel like this shit is in full force in the LGBT community (more like the TQgb…l community).

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You'd think they'd have learned by now that pissing and reee-ing at women speaking publicly about this only "radicalises" more people. Lots of otherwise ignorant live-and-let-live types see these dumb shits trying to intimidate women into silence and realise pretty quickly who the oppressed people are in this situation. I'm sure propaganda that unironically paints them as a mob vs small group(s) of women who are "asking for" violence helps.

Love and power to all my sisters in the US who have been and continue to fight this fight. You gyns are fierce af! 💪

ETA: Does anyone know where I could find a clean copy of the illustration for this? I think it'd be fantastic peaking material for the normies who follow me on social media.

I found this image on a TRA Instagram account called WarmUp NYC (handle: warmup_nyc).

It has been shared by formally lesbian bar Cubbyhole (how I originally saw it).

Ugh, so sad, it's one of the only lesbian bars left in the country, so I guess there really are none left. At least on the wall in the drawing it says "queers bash back" rather than associating the lgb with it.

Yeah I was so grossed out that they shared this post and unfollowed the page immediately. Unfollowing anything that screams TRA. Check Henrietta Hudson’s ig page and was relieved that they didn’t do the same thing.

Just pledged 200, and then saw some awesome lady pledged 2.5k so they smashed their goal! Women make it happen. <3

Bring two lots of hearing protection. The foam in-ear type plus over-ear industrial grade noise cancelling headphones is usually good enough to block out the worst of it.

I am sure some of these thugs turn out simply to scream at and intimidate women and claim they are righteous.

This has an uncanny resemblance to that one picture of the boot of patriarchy crushing women.

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