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[–] GenZ-ProWoman 64 points Edited

What gets me is that no matter how noxious I find gender ideology, I’d never, ever fix my mouth to say we should line up gender ideologues* and shoot them.

Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.

[–] mathlover 57 points Edited

This is not an outlier. This is typical. This is what they are. All of them. Some of them just say it out loud and none of the others will ever raise a voice in protest or disagreement.

Yeah! They don’t need to worry about terfs peaking people, they do that themselves.

Threatening to murder women you don't like -- how incredibly male of you.

You’d have to kill 95+% of the population, because their definition of a terf is anyone who sees or acknowledges biological sex.

[–] LilOvaries 3 points Edited

Despite the threat, I feel almost no emotion. Judging by their profile pic, the user behind that account is more definitely a noodle boy who'll pull the trigger and fly backwards before he properly even aims. That's assuming he can even pick up and hold a damn gun.

Perpetually emotionally stunted. They’re all stunted. I don’t discuss gender with trans people anymore, because I realized you can’t discuss things like an adult with people who can’t grasp anything outside of their own feelings and wants. At least children have the excuse of being children. When I see things like this, I just remember the fact that they will watch their peers grow and go through normal stages of life, meanwhile they’re stuck looking 14 and 40 simultaneously with nothing really going for them in life.

Your comment just reminded me about something I learned from atheists about arguing religion.

“They didn’t use logic to get themselves into that belief system, so why think you could use logic to help them out of it.”

Went to report him, tweet is already gone. His account is still up though. You would think that threatening to murder people would get you at least a couple of days of suspension. Not for the trans!

Well this deranged “they them” had the tweet removed. What a sad little penis

Nice! So much for “tiny account privilege” to promote mass executing women. 🤡

Funny, since Musk took over twitter, almost all of the actual threats are coming from the "most oppressed group in the world". Aimed at women of course.

As my dad used to say - if no one has tried to murder you, how do you even know you've lived.

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