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I know when someone upsets me I also act super womanly by threatening them with rape and sexual assault. #onlygirlthings #uwu

Yep, and I bet this guy demands to use the same toilets as little girls, too.

I feel like some of our sticker-makers should copy this, perhaps even with a nice QR code for an archive link and saying something about "this is who you're letting into the next stall." It certainly makes a point...

I'm so sad for today's young women. Having to deal with this level of misogyny, and the internet invites it right into their homes

I do too, social media in general is a social nightmare for todays kids. I was bullied growing up (we had internet but nothing like today, and even then my bullies sent me awful emails) and I can only imagine how awful it is to not have anywhere to escape the people who want to hurt you.

You see, transgender males and their activist dogs will send shit like this every day, at every second....but the minute a radical feminist snaps on a transgender, after days, months, and probably years of being provoked by the supporters of the transgenderism movement, it goes viral as "evidence" that the "evil radical feminists" want "chaos and destruction" for the "poor, innocent TiMs".

Their propaganda is sickening. I still stand with "violent" radical feminists.

It’s super annoying that anyone thinks outrage is any kind of an argument. “I can’t believe you think it can’t be day just because it’s night!! Outrageous!!!” Yes, sir, your dick is one very clear indicator you’re not a woman.