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The way TRAs treat detransitioners and desisters is actually disgusting. The fact that detransitioners and desisters know how the medical system treats the issue and are open about how fucked up it is threatens their ideology and cult-like indoctrination.

The lack of empathy on display here is horrific. I cannot begin to contemplate saying this to another human being, let alone one who is clearly in distress and no matter how threatening their account of their lived experience is to my world view.

TRAs: if you misgender a trans person they will LITERALLY kill themselves, how dare you. Don't you care?

Also TRAs: lol who cares, detransitioners should kill themselves


Holy shit. Considering TRAs are always threatening suicide you think they'd try NOT to be so obvious.

If detransitioners don't coddle the narrative then they get this treatment basically.

I hope someone told this person that we could say the same to TIMs who constantly threaten suicide if women won't share their rape stories with them.

How messed up do you have to be to say something like that to another person? The lack of empathy is shocking.

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I wonder if the tweet already got reported because when I went to the account to report it to Twitter, I can't find it and there's one tweet labeled "not available."

Always report these monsters. When they threaten violence, when they encourage suicide, when they bully - REPORT.

Edit: Looking at the account, it definitely seems like someone's secondary burner account where they can just say gross shit without having to take any responsibility for it on their main. Gross. People are ridiculous.

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