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NSFW? I must have missed something!

I bet TIFs will be the ones to ignore their symptoms, not only because women’s symptoms are never publicised by the medical industry, but because they’re such manly man men that they wouldn’t even look up women’s symptoms unless it was an opportunity to whine about being misgendered after lying about their sex.

NSFW? I must have missed something!

Yeah, it automatically tagged this as NSFW when I uploaded it! Kinda frustrating tbh. I wonder if they’re just doing that for every post in this circle now. I unfortunately can’t remove the tag! :(

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I think that's just how it is now. The circle is labeled as NSFW so every single post will be labeled as NSFW.

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Everytime I study a new disease and it says "this is more frequent in women/men", I always wonder how long til medicine is cancelled altogether.

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I've wondered if being on cross sex hormones changes the typical sex based symptoms.

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last time I was called a terf was when I called a trans woman stupid (by his prefered pronouns)

in a non gender related discussion lol

Don’t you know? No criticism at ALL is ever allowed of these stunning and brave tranzwammun!!

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lol I swear, we were not talking about anything related to it then I just said "nvm you are dumb, I dont wanna talk to you anymore" and he reeeeeee'd the fuck out