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Yeah, but you're not just an "innocent woman" to me, fella.

Be scared of me! I’m a man, I swear! Look I even make rape threats! I’m a real boy!

Those threats should be taken seriously and she should be treated like the potential rapist that she is.

enact violence against women = real man

(btw your movement is antifeminist bc you exclude men and ours is real feminism!!)

What's really sick is how long twitter let it stay up, compared with how quickly they took down mild comments that people said were "anti-trans". It's truly awful as this person seems to be some kind of TiF who has OD'd on their hormones. They would not be a threat to a woman in a bathroom but desperately wants to be and just posts disgusting porn in an effort to be as "manly" as they can, so they bizarrely live out the stereotype that isn't supposed to be true. It's such a mess. Would they admire this in a natal guy? Would they ever fantasize about raping a trans woman? ugh...

They would not be a threat to a woman in a bathroom but desperately wants to be

They ARE a threat to women. They are on testosterone, they can pin you down easily, they can jam their entire fist up your vagina and smile as you cry.

Stop giving these sexual predators passes for their rapist rhetoric and behavior.

Trans men still don't compete in men's sports. You're right that some of them may be real bullies, and people can always have weapons so anyone who wants to can be a threat. I shouldn't give anyone a free pass. All the same, this person is far less likely to have the bone structure or muscle mass to be a serious danger, and ultimately without a penis, especially the psychological awareness that it could impregnate you, I think the edge is taken off. It's like having a safety net - things could get bad, but...

But really what I was more focused on was just how much she wanted to be scary, and how much she associated being a misogynistic porno predator with a male identity. That was how to be a man - maybe to some degree she was able to achieve her vision, I'm not sure, but the fact that that's how to be a guy is what is so screwed up to me.

I'd be scared of a woman jacked on testosterone. I'm old enough to remember the steroid doped women at the Olympics back in the day, and they were only winning sports.

Throw in rage, self-righteousness, and the delusion of being manly man men, holy shit these TiFs are definitely a threat.

It's an advanced example of the running joke that Butch women roleplay as the worst men

Pretty telling that she thinks sexual assault is being a "real man". And what exactly is she trying it with, her thumb-sized clit, or does this hypothetical victim have to wait for her to strap on a harness first? 🤡

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TIFs have hands and access to objects they can easily assault you with. They are on testosterone, some for decades, they can EASILY pin you down and assault you.

This isn't a fucking joke, women are raped by TIFs, it actually fucking happens.

I'm so sick of the women here not taking this seriously, dismissing and downplaying the actual sexual violence enacted on women by TIFs.

THANK YOU. Unbelievable. I'd be very scared of some jacked TiF wanting to rape me. Technically it would be sexual assault, I guess from the other threads on here, using whatever she has like oh idk a weapon. But she could definitely take me. Never mind some 110 lb teenage girl ffs.

This level of misogyny seems to be quite commonplace with TIFs, sadly. :(

She is not like the other girls afterall...

Madonna-whore complex isn't exclusive with males sadly.

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Can't wait until the day when using sexist slurs is considered bigotry. That'll be a long one yet, though, obviously.

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