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The worst a woman can be is not having sex? Maybe he should check his dick for termites with all that projection going on.

It’s interesting how their go-to insult is always about how we are “unf-ckable”. If their brains are “female” then why do their thoughts/words ALWAYS scream “male”?

Why do they always insult us by referring to horrible shut that should be done to our genitals? Sounds like a man to me

Yeah I don't get the obsession with assuming women's bodies deserve sexual violence and that women inherently go through sexual drought and are undesired. It's so weird.

It's misogyny, pure and simple. Hatred of women and women's bodies, probably because they came from one and can't handle that knowledge.

They hate our pussies so much because we can have multiple clitoral orgasms and they can't 😌

"If you feel you are a woman, then you are one."

If you feel you are a Siberian tiger, then you are one. If you feel you are a table, then you are one. If your age is 20 but you feel that you are 65, then you are 65.

Jesus Christ. This is one of the worst and grossest/most horrifying ones I’ve ever seen.

Wtf??!!! Where do they get these sick ideas 🤮

If I think I’m rich, I’m rich. If I think I’m 25, I’m 25. If I think I’m the Queen of England, I’m the Queen of England. If I think I’m a cat, I’m a cat. And on and on.

Sounds like a fairly typical angry-male insult. Most men are not like that, but misogynist men say similar things when they are angry. Concepts like hate-fucking someone (never heard a woman threaten to do that) are similar to this one here.

I ain't sure what he is either, but I know he should be on a list somewhere