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Can we please stop using the word transwomen?

It implies that these people are indeed women and they simply arnt. I prefer the actual more accurate term of “scrotum haver” since that’s more accurate but what are some “okay for society” alternatives?

I like “A man who demands we pretend he’s a woman” from this thread.

Or transvestites. Or AGPs (has the bonus of giving you the opportunity to explain just what that is.)

Trans identified male is OK for society. Maybe throw a "biological" in there to soften it if you feel like being nice. If a TRA throws a tantrum, it doesn't matter.

If you think you're in a situation where you might have something to lose by offending TRAs, I do like the idea of playing along with their own rules. "Scrotum haver" is excellent. I think I prefer "penis haver" because it's more of a reminder of their maleness, their ability to commit rape or cause pregnancy.

I think TIMs would also find "penis haver" a little more uncomfortable as it reminds regular people that very few of these people actually get surgery to remove it, the penis is still here. Some people think Lia Thomas must be fully transitioned to have been allowed to compete, and "Penis-haver Lia Thomas" might enlighten a few people.

The irony of saying they are the real feminists but yet using misogynistic slurs is just ridiculous

Men calling women cunts - stunning, brave, never before seen.

Why yes, I do have a c**t. What's the matter scrote, you jealous?

This is the only acceptable use of that word, as a retort to increase their jealousy! 😂

I’m a male exclusionary radical feminist.

You can’t be a feminist if you don’t accept that woman is a biological category. Women are oppressed because of our biology.

Feminism is for female liberation from male supremacy. Males can never be woman. Not ever.

Anyone who includes males in the category of women/female is not a feminist, in fact, they would be the opposite - a misogynist.

[–] AngelFoodCake 25 points Edited

So tired of the bullshit "rAdfems Aren'T real femIniSTs" shit. Who made men and libfems the gatekeepers of who is and who isn't a real feminist? And before they come at us with "who made radfems the gatekeepers of what a woman is" like its some kind of gotcha, well, a unlike being a woman, being a feminist isn't a biological category.

Also, how are radfems/"TERFs" not feminists? Literally the only people who radical feminism excludes are males.

Men think they're the gatekeepers of everything, it's ridiculous. Not having experienced male socialization makes it seem all the more outlandish to us.

Cunt used to be the vulgar sexy word for vagina. It doesn’t really ruffle my feathers because I think it makes whoever uses it sound trashy. However, kinda funny his best idea for what to call us is indeed a word with WOMEN ONLY meaning. What? Now do you want to cry “trans women can be cunts too”? 😂

[–] Nediljka_Orwell 12 points Edited

So: TERCs or MERCs? I think I could own and work with that.

MERCs sounds kinda bad ass, like mercenary.

I like the idea of being a male exclusionary radical cunt. It’s got bite to it. The acronym sounds like we drive old school Mercedes

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