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straight moid sees lesbian, mansplains lesbian flag to her, mansplains female homosexuality to her, leaves 'annoyed' that she’s a lesbian. then calls her a terf to his fellow straight moids, even though she said she’s not a radfem. fucking homophobic entitled shits. they fucking hate women, they hate lesbians, but just can’t fucking leave them alone

Top comment: “All the lesbians I know are either trans themselves or are super supportive! My wife's ex coworker and distant friends I barely know came out of the woodwork just to congratulate me and send me their love when I came out.”

all the ‘lesbians’ he knows are straight men.

and yep that’s what happens when you come out as a straight man, people come out of the woodwork to send you love and to congratulate you, whereas when you come out as a lesbian, people come out of the woodwork to call you a terf and tell you to suck their dick.

If she meets three more dudes like this, she'll become a radfem! I only heard about that and stuff like this website because of TIMs. Most of us start off kind of indifferent to them, but supporting their right to not be hate crimed, and the more we interact with them the more radical we become.

They literally do the radicalising. I never met a radfem or spoke to one that tried to convert me. TRAs did all the work themselves

And considering how historically lazy men have been I’m quite glad they’ve decided to take on the workload of showing their asses to women and pointing them in the right direction. It’s the least they could do

I'd put money on her feigning ignorance. Honestly one of my favorite tactics with them.

I had a TIF ask me if I supported JK Rowling before. I played the whole "oh what did she say card?", let her explain what she think Rowling said, and then I pulled up a screenshot of Rowling's actual tweet.

How did she react when she read the original tweet?

Lots of mumbling and then she claimed that JK Rowling could have said that trans-identifying males were women and left it at that. I told her that wasn't what JK was discussing, and she just kept repeating that line. Eventually I was like "okay have a nice day!" and left it at that.

This is a good tactic, it lets them talk themselves in circles with answers that they don't have.

If you don't do this, they'll give you a particular look that lets you know their brains have gone full screensaver mode. I hate it. It's like, a smirk that says "can you believe this", even if it's just the two of you in the room.

They’ve been groomed to moral superiority and all adapted the AGP smirk

That's exactly what she was doing. This is a really old post that was on here several months ago. I think I remember reading the original reddit thread and it was so, SO obvious she was playing dumb to make that creep fuck off. Lofuckingl . . .

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I suggested that she could...

The audacity of these guys never ceases to amaze me. The only people I've met (at least personally) who feel comfortable telling strangers what to wear seem to be men.

more inclusive towards masculine and trans lesbians

As if masculine women were the same as straight men with a fetish.

she said trans women and cis women weren't really the same

Lol even he knows this, but it's only a sin when actual women state the obvious.

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Oh men telling women what to wear - how unique and progressive!

The arrogance of these men is unbelievable.

If this was that lesbians introduction to the obnoxiousness and utter narcissism of the T, let this be her first step on her way to the peak of Mount Terf.

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go unknown lesbian! Transwomen are not the same as women! (she may have used different words, but same/same)

BREAKING NEWS: Another hetrosexual man shocked that lesbian didn't want his dick.

I left the table annoyed and went to talk to someone else.

Did she even invite you to her table in the first place, bro???

I like sis's strategy, though -- to just act confused and unaware until he gets tired of mansplaining women to her and goes to annoy someone else.

I wish her only the best in life. Thrive unknown lesbian! Enjoy your manfree life!

She did a great job of acting confused and letting him tie himself up and making a royal scrotum out of himself. Poor poor testicle haver.

Also who the fuck cares about all these damn flags christ alive! They don’t fret over who made the American flag or the euro flag or St. George’s flag but we can spend all day nitpicking anyone who decided to use the bloody rainbow.

Sometimes I wish I’d never been peaked because it’s hard seeing all the misogyny and bullshit comming from these wierdos. And then they do crap like this and I wonder how I ever behaved like a good little handmaiden and trotted out their fuckery

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