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This goon thinks he’s on the right side of history? Whilst wishing rape and torture on women?

I can’t imagine wishing rape on anybody, for any reason.

I suppose wishing this individual would get his dick trapped in a door jam is a bit horrible? But then, he is a wannabe rapist, so 🤷🏻‍♀️

Literally this is worthy of a police report

100% in the UK the police can investigate you for hate crime just for misgendering, yet this is a-ok?

Why, so the cops can do absolutely nothing? Given that 40% of cops are reported for beating their wives, I don’t think they really give a shit about male violence.

Like men aren’t doing this and getting away with it anyway.

Every goddamn day and then having the AUDACITY to whine about “false accusations”

Even before peaking with gender ideology, my standard for ethical behavior was, "How would you treat people you disagree with, if you had accomplished your goals?"

This person wants to rape and torture women who challenge his gender identity.

We are not the same.

“When legislation gets passed we’ll rape and torture you” said every person on the ‘right side of history’ ever

Creeps like this are why I’m now armed. I dare them to try. Uwu and shit.

Only women should be allowed to bear arms and they should be allowed to do so in every single country. Nobody can change my mind about this.

I’ve been interested in getting a gun for self defense for a while. If you don’t mind sharing, what kind did you get, or what is a good one for starters?

I’ve been shooting before, and a glock was too heavy and made me aim poorly, but a 1911 was perfect. It was the right weight, and very very easy to aim (personally).

I’m former military, so what works for me may not be what works for you.

I have a .38 which may be easier for you to handle than a glock. But I also have an AR, which I feel very comfortable with due to using it so much in the military.

You may want to look into women’s shooting groups in your area so you can test a few out and get advice from other women who carry.

For home defense a shotgun is also pretty ideal and being able to aim well isn’t so much an issue. :)

Sounds reasonable! Ladies, we were wrong. This is totally someone we should welcome into our spaces, especially nude ones.

If anyone here needs to hear this:

This and hundreds of other people like him are abusive little boys who get their sexual thrills by larping as women online and invading spaces.

You do not owe him your energy and he will never accept that he might be wrong.

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Imagine thinking you're on "the right side of history" while expresing the desire to rape others.

I hate to generalise but no woman talks like this. Literally none. It's just not how women talk.

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