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Ya gotta love it when TiMs transplain homosexuality. It’s soooo complicated, mere mortals just don’t get it.

If you had the "exact same body 🍆🍆🍆" you wouldn't have to force us to fuck you lmao

I saw that. This was my response before he deleted the tweet, "Look, I get you're upset that no lesbians want to sleep with you. You were fed a lie, (the idiocy of you believing it is another discussion) but being duped does not give you recourse to other people, their bodies, boundaries, or sexualities. Lesbians are same-sex attracted. Deal"

If some TIMs have the exact same bodies as women, I would like this person to show me even one TIM with a uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes. One, single TIM will do.

But there aren't any. Let me guess, this person thinks female anatomy is just a hole?

a hole and titties, thats all a woman is

Don't forget the blank eyes and expectant asshole according to that TIM 'writer' (excuse me I'm going to vomit now)

Uh excuse me Xir/Mx, but I am a transwoman with a uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes. You see, I identify as a transwoman (so I can get an extra 10 day vacation at Coles) but was born female. Sex don't real. Nothing exists.

Thank you sir but no. Get real.

TW do not have “the exact same bodies” as women and never will.

Um, if they had the exact same body, they would be, well, women.

Yeah what is the "trans" supposed to mean?

That a male body can be surgically mutilated to the point of becoming a female body, which is false. Doctors are neither gods nor forces of nature.

Yeah, even if the genital surgeries were able to successfully imitate the real thing, I'm still not attracted to these dudes. They make it seem like everyone is fooled until we learn what's in their pants, lol. None of them look, sound, or smell remotely like women in person, and more importantly, none of them act like women! I've never had a woman react to me politely turning down a date by threatening to rape or murder me. A friend of mine was stalked by a TIM who would wait on the sidewalk outside her apartment. This entitlement to sexual access is not female behavior.

Said like a straight man.

absolutely. you don't see many trans men doing this shit

Except in that giant Google doc with hundreds of examples of TIFs being homophobic that gets posted all the time on the askgaybros subreddit

Yeah, TIFs have started taking pages of the TIM playbook for sure, but according to my gay friends none of them have the guts to act like this in person yet.

ah you're right, I forget about that stuff because of how vocal TIMs are.

LOL that this personage claims women are physically identical to transwomen and yet from a like half inch by half inch black and white pfp icon I can tell it is a male. Curious.

I really wish they would say exactly this shit on tv (CNN) or in the NYTimes, etc. Could really use their help peaking the rest of humanity.

Women not being attracted to me is rooted in racist anti-semetic Islamophobic misogynistic misandrist sexist feminazism white supremacy seudhajjdvmfism


Is that a very funny typo or a joke I missed?

It was a random artistic attempt to capture an incel. No idea what trabs would actually be

T. (Totalitarian) R. (Raging) A. (Attention-starved) B. (Blokes) perhaps?

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