How fucking ghastly. I hate this person now.

And he is uninformed about the way IQ is influenced by many different factors, including income, cultural differences, amount of schooling, quality of that schooling, general access to books at home etc etc, and how IQ measures only a limited range of skills and not others (no creativity in it, no memory etc), how the average IQ is changing over time in several countries (which it shouldn't be doing if it's measuring something innate only), and how when researchers many years ago created an IQ test reflecting the environment of someone growing up in the African rural areas children who grew up did well in the test, those who did not grow up there did poorly.

And he is uninformed about the stereotype risk which affects test-taking abilities by overloading certain brain circuits with stress responses. This matters both for girls of all races when they are primed to think of their sex before the test and it affects all minority children when the test-taking is invigilated by people of the majority race and so on and so on.

Also, Binet intended the test for something quite different originally. it was to help teachers decide which children needed what level of help in schooling and was only applied to young children. Later the US government applied it to recruits in the military etc., but it should not be viewed as in any sense a comprehensive test of intelligence.

I have seen that asshole tweet horrible stuff on Twitter before, but this takes the cake. Though claiming that a quarter million trans people were also supposedly killed late last century tells me that he lives in his very own cloud-cuckoo land.

[–] SecondSkin 13 points Edited

This ^ IQ tests are relative, not some absolute inherent value.

They also mean fuck all imho - I have a high IQ, that’s very up and down- very high verbal, average performance, the rest in between somewhere. As is typical for my adhd. It’s useful to know for reasonable adjustments/disability support during education, but it has zero influence on my ability in any way, which is heavily influenced by many other factors.

Plenty people with lower IQ scores will function much better than I do, have greater standard successes than I will, because of not having those varying factors. It’s a useful test for kids/young adults in education, like you say, but not any absolute measure of intelligence in any meaningful way.

I mean, I'm not even surprised anymore. TIMs themselves bring up the fact that a lot of them used to be Nazis (the white supremacist incel to trans pipeline, lol).

I just hope this ends up peaking more people.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 26 points

They need to do this more frequently in more public spaces so we can bring this parasitic psyop to its final conclusion

“Cognitive differences between the races!!” what a strikingly revolting phrase 🤢

As someone who has taken a lot of IQ tests, I can confirm they are a measure of what sort of education you’ve had, how much time you spend reading, and other environmental factors that aren’t innate at all. Hell, I’ve always scored great on them and I am DUMB yo. I don’t even reliably know which way is right and which is left. I once saw someone in the street who looked like me and waved, before I remembered that she can’t be me because I am me. These are not even the stupidest things I’ve ever done. My “IQ score” is Mensa level. IQ is nothing.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 5 points

You’re modest, but someone who scores 130-140+ IQ (“Mensa level” minimum, depending on the test) is not dumb. Just saying...

You are certainly not dumb. And I am a bit jealous. Lol

I've met some Mensa types... some of them are dummies, but the kind that think they are the smartest in the room. Not saying Diet Coke is dumb, but I get what she means, though.

[–] SecondSkin 6 points Edited

I was a member of junior Mensa at one point as a kid-my foster carer got all excited at how good I was answering university challenge questions with him and had me do a practice Mensa IQ test in some newspaper or magazine. Then the real one when I scored high enough.

I read an exceptional amount for a kid, lots of adult books, I had almost a compulsive reading habit I used to manage my adhd and anxiety (focusing on words on a book helped, as did music in ear buds). I test very high on verbal IQ, average on performance- as is typical for someone with adhd or neurodevelopmental disabilities. I wouldn’t personally use the word dumb- I’m a great problem solver, quick thinker, can understand concepts quicker than many- but I can’t do anything with any type of technology, math (even though I test reasonably well on this- I don’t understand any of it & just guess the answers), languages, anything practical is beyond me, I can’t cope with anything involving executive functioning. There are many more things I am stupid at than those I’m clever at. So I’d agree with the poster saying it’s meaningless measure of intelligence.

As another high scorer with less than stellar life success, I have to agree.

That sounds like the typical profile for a lot of women with ADHD and EDS. Someone once described it as "very high processing speed, very little RAM" and that always stuck with me.

There's been some research that basically says the thin nature of our tissues allows messages to travel faster in our body. We think faster, etc. Unfortunately this also leads to pretty intense reactions to things, like getting upset really quickly (but also calming down pretty quickly) again because the messages are traveling faster than they would in a person with non defective collagen.

But it's still very theoretical at this point, so take it with a grain of salt.

I relate on the math thing. See, for me I took a more specific kind of test (called SOI) in highschool and it broke math down into three different skill/types of think, and I was good at two out of three of them, and basically what that amounts to in real life is I can do logical equations and set theory but not calculus and most number math I'm just so-so at. It's weird, and hard to explain.

Same. My dad was in Mensa and I also qualified, but I couldn't stand the other people in it. It was so... snobby. I'm like, we aren't better than anyone else because of this (which made me wildly unpopular).

I often forget super basic things as well. It's astounding how frustrated I am with daily tasks.

The racism is ever present with this bunch, much like the pedophilia and misogyny that emanates from them.

Screenshots are good but for the love of goddess will people please start archiving this shit.

Here's a few, including most of the tweets from the screenshots: 1 2 3 4

(Sorry if they're not all archived in the best spot! I didn't realise longer threads got cut off when I started.)

[–] GCRadFem 17 points

In addition to the fact that he is a racist asshole, did he pull that 250K trans deaths out of his ass? It infuriates me when they throw bullshit like this out with no citations, i.e., facts, receipts or proof for the other ninnies that then take it as fact.

Maybe he's talking about "transdeath," which is probably a misgendering that identifies as a death.

He wants TIPs to get reparations for a fake genocide, meanwhile women have seen about 200,000,000 females killed in the last several decades and barely anyone acknowledges, notices or cares about it. Men want to be victims sooooo badly. Newsflash, it's not fun. I would love to not have to deal with all the shit they put on us.

[–] GCRadFem 1 points

How very little men and the women that have propped up the transgender cult care about women.

I know I’m a broken record but I still find myself in disbelief that people care about TRAS instead of caring about women.

We fight to not feel small, yet every day, we are reminded that women’s lives matter to virtually no one but ourselves.

They don’t care about TRAs. TRAs are a way to put women back in our box. That’s what they care about, gender ideology allows them to dismantle women’s legal rights protections, dismantle safeguarding and provide access to children, and elevate men. All while the men sit back and play with their dicks and let the TRAs do all the work.

I’m dead at him having a graph on the IQ of different races ready to pull out. He was ready to use that “proof”. You’re still a fucking man, and a racist one at that.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 15 points Edited

But wait, I thought black TIMs were the finest and most precious and being murdered at least once a week each, is he including them in his racist rant?

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