Unbelievable ignorance of biology, of course, but the presumption that the following looks like the step-by-step plans for procedures that actual surgeons actually draw up is child-like in its underestimation of what is involved:

(4) Swap genitalia and any skin that surrounds it (skin grafting) with sterilized equipment. (5) Swap reproductive organs over with sterilized equipment. (6) Make sure any / all equipment used isn't in / on the bodies.

Truly! I felt like I was reading a cooking manual for an easy bake oven lol! What on earth is this?!

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 3 points

a cooking manual for an easy bake oven


[–] [Deleted] 6 points Edited

Literally, they're all so eager to die. Their delusion and AGP is so far gone they don't give a shit. As long as they can get off to it, it doesn't matter what happens to them.

Why go the hard way? Just make a big cut above the pelvis, exchange the lower bodies and stitch everything back together!

I think my favorite part was that the uterus would be removed with the baby. Will the baby be taken out of the uterus before or after removing the uterus from the TIM? It would probably work either way as long as they wash their hands. /s

(15) Once the pregnancy has come to term, a C - Section will have to be performed by specialty surgions and surgical nurses and removal of the transplanted uterus is essential.

LOL I actually cannot with the absurdity. Plus, I love the randomly detailed minutae as if the success of cross-sex uterine implants was merely a matter of washing one's hands thoroughly. The fact that they are engaging with this silliness is beyond me.

Even if this is a troll it's funny.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 8 points

Omg. Swapping organs is not a matter of matching blood types. Oh....my god. My father recieved a 10/10 match on his organ transplant. He still nearly died from it and is very likely never going to be independent again. Blood type my ass. This dude doesn't even know the markers they look for. And even if those all match, your life can very likely still be hell after. All for what? So some TIM can live out his fucked up fetish? Any doctor that would do such a thing needs their license removed.

I completely agree! I cannot believe that this fantasy remains so alive and well within their spaces even when some of them post hard evidence to demonstrate that it's not feasible.

Truly wild.

I am sorry to hear about your father! I hope he makes progress to better health!

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 3 points

Yup. And the ones in the comments that suggest they will use this to get pregnant and get abortions to piss people off...they aren't even mentally on the same planet as the rest of us.

And thank you, he takes it one day at a time and is grateful regardless for the time he gets to spend with us that he wouldn't have had without the transplant.

Indeed--it's mind boggling tht they would make these jokes, especially in the wake of the Roe v Wade reversal in the US. Unbelievable disrespect.

I'm glad to hear that about your father! I wish you all the best with your remaining time together.

This one commenter is revolting. The glee they get talking about their imaginary pregnancies, makes me sick. It's pure AGP. None of them should be anywhere near children.

My two cents on transfem pregnancy: I'm going to be the first trans girl to get a uterus transplant and get knocked up just so I can abort it to piss everyone off in an act of protest.

Of course, they gotta make abortion about them.πŸ™„

Dark shitty humor is how I cope with the fact that I can never have and carry my own children even though it's the thing I want most in the world but be upset about it if you want. I have a breakdown about it almost every week. I'm not gonna apologize

Go fuck yourself you deluded freak.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 4 points

Yeah they act like they have the same or worse struggles than infertile women. Like no dude, you can father kids at any time, nothing but your own idiocy and the damage you inflicted on yourself has ever stopped you. I've even see them say shit like that when they've already fathered kids. Imagine how it must feel to be the child of a man who doesn't see you as his kid because he couldn't turn you into a part of his fetish :(

And doesn’t care what you were exposed to in utero as long as he was validated

Real women get shamed for drinking non decaf tea during pregnancy

But this a-hole thinks it’s okay to take anti rejection drugs, fake female hormones , fake pregnancy hormones, and male hormones suppressors.

In this entirely hypothetical and extremely unlikely scenario that a male will "give birth", imagine how it must feel to then be the child of a man's fetish.

And the way these guys are talking about having a child has absolutely nothing to do with actually wanting to competently raise a child. It's a vile perversion of nature.

I will lay it out step by step.

I don't know Dr. Nick, I think you might have missed a tiny detail or two in there

StacyCat12 has got to be a troll, no?

I mean, the OP is hilarious enough, complete with hilarious persistent spelling errors ("surgion") but then in the comments:

Birdont16: There is actually an Indian surgeon who’s going to try performing a womb transplant on a trans woman.
StacyCat12: Just you wait until you see news of my pregnancy. Would you happen to know how much this surgion is charging for the transplant?
A-passing-thot: Just FYI, the word is "surgeon" rather than "sergion"
StacyCat12: Thank you.


annakempe: "wash hands thoroughly" 🀣
StacyCat12: There's nothing funny about washing hands.

Could not make this up.

This guy thinks pregnancy is just "egg and sperm collide, then a baby is formed and born 9 months later"