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to be a woman you need to have lightish skin

Me, a whole ass yellow: am I a joke to you

To be a woman all you have to be is human, adult and female. "Woman" isn't defined by skin color, you fucking dumbass nitwit scrote gargling troglodyte.

TRA are fucking stupid.

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That part really made me go wtf because what. the. fuck. Do they listen to themselves?!

Mask off with the whole "white women are the default. Non white women have been granted the label of womanhood, but dont really fit into it."
And this movement feel soooo entitled to the support of black women because of this.
Honestly shameful.

It’s gross. Malcolm X wasn’t wrong— the black woman is the most disrespected person in America.

they don't even think it's "mask off" though, they are saying it directly. They will say "white cis women" are the default and then try to claim that "trans women" are the same as non-white women in simply not being default, colonialist standard women, and that we're the racists for holding on to an old fashioned notion of biology. As if the pre-colonial lands didn't reproduce until Europe arrived and imposed binary sexes on them..

It's all very tied up in a current fashion of what presenting as female looks like, and entirely oblivious to understanding material reality or the physical difference of belonging to a sex class that's been oppressed due to its capacity to bear children.

This is next level stupid. If he isn't trolling, how embarrassing for him. If he is trolling...still pretty embarrassing.

I don’t think he’s trolling. TRAs often say that trans women are just a different category of women just like black women are.

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Because black women, by nature of being black women do not have male genitalia. Thus the need for distinction between trans women ( sex male) and women ( sex female)


But they don't have white skin and to be a woman you need to have lightish skin. Otherwise you're a black woman.

Just like woman are born with a vagina and trans woman are born with a penis.


I don't see the correlation. What makes a woman is genitalia ( sex female) not skin color? I think you’re trying to hard here. V

I would like to know when women of colour ever benefitted from male privilege.

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I’m sorry……WHAT. How did they not get piled on for being a racist? Oh right, TIM fetish rights trump everything else apparently

This dummy recognizes more diversity in the sexes than he does race and ethnicity.

Where is the line drawn? Can we agree that Japanese women are light enough to be considered women? But that means Japanese women from Okinawa aren’t…🫡

I'm genuinely wondering if "masterchris" thinks black women have penises.

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Well, “Laverne” Cocks Cox is totes a woman, isn’t “she”?

Nope, not trolling, that idiot said that in all seriousness. (Look at his account.)

I'm usually able to follow TRA logic, no matter how warped, but this just doesn't make any sense... ;To be a woman you have to have lightish skin' -> huh, why? That's like saying to be a woman you have to be short/tall, or skinny/fat, or smart/dumb. All these things have nothing to do with being a woman.

Male people will literally say anything and expect everyone to treat it as accepted truth.