No but I love how they gripe about the invasion of the kids yet invade an over 30 sub instead of making a 20 something sub 🤣 there’s irony upon irony in this tweet and no self awareness.

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This was what I thought. All they know how to do is invade other people's shit.

I got an invitation from a family friend for her daughter's party. There was a note on the bottom that said "Amy now goes by Ed". Amy is graduating 8th grade. She's 14! A child! Changing sex is not an organic thought. Someone put that thought in her head. These groomers keep aiming younger and younger. I just can't.

Side bar-- Ed? Ed???

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BuT iT's NoT a SoCiaL cOntAgiOn, tRanS pEopLe hAve aLwaYs eXiStEd

And that's really agiest of them. They are saying that 20 year olds can't feel 30? How do they know they're not actually 30-year-olds who identify as younger online, either? /s

good point. And how do they know that those TIFs with high school and middle school problems aren't really 40 year old males with schoolgirl fantasies?

They love cosplaying our oppression. They love thinking they have no spaces for themselves. It's so insulting on every level to have your suffering worn like a custome. I hate people.

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I hate that FTM spaces are beginning to skew younger and younger

There are very few spaces that generally have a good amount of adult trans men in them, despite spaces like this having a good amount of adults. FTMMen used to have predominantly adults but recently it's more and more obvious there are mainly young kids. Posts about high school shit, middle school sometimes and parental things are more common. I understand trans kids need somewhere to congregate but I hate seeing spaces shift to become so unrelatable.

As a blowback of that, FTMover30 has become inundated with people in their 20s (including myself) because they can't relate to the posts in FTMmen. While I understand that in theory kids have more time, it's obvious there are still many adult trans men on Reddit by the activity in other subreddits. It's just a bit frustrating but maybe that's just me.