“Going no contact”

So that it’s easier for you to manipulate children, seeing as isolating them from family and friends who are right to question your bs makes it easier for you to indoctrinate and creep on children and validate your own reality-detached perception of yourself and the rest of the world….? Is that your reasoning? Because anything else is a straight up delusion/lie.

I fucking hate Jeffrey Marsh so much, he's so fucking creepy and I don't understand how he doesn't set off alarm bells for everyone supporting him. His entire demeanor just SCREAMS "PREDATOR".

Remember when we warned kids that someone who tried to cut you off from all the supportive people in your life was likely showing red flags of abusive/toxic behavior? Remember that?

Look, I get that going NC is sometimes necessary. I'm LC with my own father, and it was a tough decision made after many years and a lot of soul-searching. But the fact that this guy is NC with every single person in his family (parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so on) is a huge glaring red flag on its own.

Yeah. I'm guessing the decision to go NC might not have been his.

It probably started with him being kept LC with the extended family's young kids.

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When your facial expressions are not appropriate for the words you are saying, you come off like a psychopath.

Why is he talking like an actual psychopath villain??

A woman in the comments speculated that he's using "no contact" in combination with that facial expression and tone of voice as a dog-whistle for ... well. NOMAP, which means "no-contact minor attracted person".

Why is he talking like an actual psychopath villain??

Because he probably is.

I wouldn't go THAT far. About the second part, at least; he absolutely talks like an actual psychopath villain.

It's very possible that his actual and truthful aim is "just" to alienate kids from their families so that he can groom them (he has stated more than once that HE will be their new family). However, now that the woman in the comments pointed it out, his manner of speech reminds me of a video of a Neonazi I once saw, in which he spouted explicit Nazi rhetoric in a cutesy package whilst constantly pausing and grinning at the camera. I wouldn't be surprised, is all I'll say.

It's all hella creepy, but somehow him pronouncing the L in "folks" bothers me the most.

Lmao I was gonna say you can literally hear him say “folx”!!!

HE went no contact. Let’s not get it twisted. His family probably didn’t wanna pander to his gender fee fees and so he cut them off. Cluster b to a tee!