Isolation is on the Duluth model power and control wheel of domestic abuse.

I could probably just spin the wheel like wheel of fortune and always see a trans person doing it.

That facial expression is just sooooooo creepy!

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He looks like a fucking psycho.

I know right!? The way this dude is so insanely popular..I don’t even understand HOW. His voice is creepy as fuck, he has the crazy eyes going, not even handsome at all, if i ever encountered a guy like him irl i’d avoid like the fucking plague

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Example 97382618495 of why I’m so glad I don’t frequent these sort of sites!

If you think this is a groomer type phenomenon only, you haven’t been paying attention.

The go-to response on the internet is “cut them off” or “go no contact” when discussing any kind of issue with another person.

I’m not saying he’s NOT a groomer, rather what I’m saying is that this kind of advice is rampant online. Anyone who had a less than perfect upbringing is told to go NC with their parents. Just go look at the narcissism sub. Half that shit is like “my parents abused me! They tried to make me wash the dishes!” And everyone swarms, saying that the person should go NC.

Random fact: trans people Re more ikely to cut off their family than other way round

I absolutely figured this was true. Is there a source for this? Gay kids were actually kicked out of their homes, trans kids cut off contact because their parents wont call them "Soren".

Ugh this guy again. Anytime I think he could not possibly get any creepier he proves me wrong.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Mike Harlow, @ NotMikeHarlow

This is a person who wants to teach your children, encouraging his young audience to go “no contact” with their family.

“The pain of going no contact is nothing compared to the pain YOU are in having a relationship with these folks”.

“Have a good time going no contact”.

[A black-and-white image of Jeffrey Marsh, a white man in his forties, looking directly into the camera with a wide smile. All his teeth are showing.]

how to know if


is the answer

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Parents need to make sure their children go no contact with Mr. Marsh.

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