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todd.mordtkai, @ mordtkai

Paris is a trans woman

India Willoughby, @ IndiaWilloughby

Kemi Badenoch is a black woman. Both women.

This is why we should never have accepted the idea that TIMs are called 'trans women'. It's that terminology which allows Willoughby to make that racist statement.

Exactly. They are not any kind of woman, and to cede this ground was and is tantamount to accepting defeat.

TRAs always do this. They'll say they're are different women: "there's black women, lesbians, rich, poor...and twans-wimmin." How do you go from women of different races, sexual orientations, economics, and then a whole a$s man?

Not to mention, in order to exclude black women from the category of women you'd have to add an extra line to the definition of woman that serves no purpose other than racism, whereas to include so-called "transwomen" in the category of women you'd have to either exclude every woman who is even remotely GNC, or completely erase any and all meaning of the word. TRAs, however, will happily do both.

Good logic according to TRAs: "black women are women, that means non women are women too!"

You would only make a statement like this if you think black women are somehow less than. It would never occur to a non racist person to even say something like this because they just don't think that way.

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But it's easy to point to what black women and non-black women have in common. We're still using the biological criteria of being female here.

What do trans women and non-trans women have in common, exactly? That is specific to their womanhood and not something like 'they're both human'?

"Ladybrains" lol. Or "The essence of femininity" or some other gender essentialist utter crap. They also wouldn't say 'they're both human' because TRAs don't really believe females are really human. And prove as much every time they open their mouths to speak.

How does the racism behind comments like these not make TRAs take a step back and realize what is being said?? Not even a twitch?? Not a moment of, "Wait... that doesn't sound right"? Nothing???

Many of these men brag about being "former nazis". That's why they love to project such language onto us.

How does India not get called out for this? Looks pretty anti-black and sexist to me

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Ever noticed that a good majority of trans women have had a criminal past? A history of violence?

Like Paris Lees. Or Karen White. Or Dana Rivers.

US trans campaign orgs themselves report that in the USA as many as 66% of the group they call the most vulnerable and oppressed, meaning black adult TIMs, have served prison/jail sentences for criminal convictions. The orgs offer these numbers to prove that these men are downtrodden and discriminated against, which they might well be - but in my mind the numbers are also a telltale sign of how many of them engage in and are prone to criminal activity.

Contrary to what they want people to think, TIMs in the US (and the UK I believe) do not customarily serve time behind bars for doing "sex work" because prostitution convictions alone don't result in prison/jail sentences. When TIMs end up in jail after a conviction for prostitution, it's always because they were convicted of other crimes at the same time, such as assault, robbery, fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, drug possession and dealing, illegal weapons, grand theft auto, attempted murder, manslaughter, stalking and menacing, "child pornography," sex trafficking and pimping of others, terrorism, etc.

Paris Lees is a case in point. Lees did time for being part of a gang of violent gay yoof who beat up an old gay man in a robbery/mugging so badly that he later died of his injuries. That manslaughter occurred in the context of Lees' and his pals doing sex for hire in a cottaging operation at a men's public loo. Lees and the other young guys who cruised and sold sex there were also in the habit of robbing their customers after sex - and jumping, assaulting and robbing men who rebuffed the young hustlers when the hustlers approached and offered sex for money.

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It's never enough for them, is it?

First it was "transwoman".

Then "trans" space "woman" because "being trans is like being black" 🙄 "and any other descriptor such as a tall woman or a handicapped woman".

And now they refuse to even acknowledge being trans at all.

They are the ones erasing themselves.

Still not any kind of woman, because if you were a woman, you wouldn't BE a trans/woman.

I cant stand this man and his bloated face. Isn't he on his 15th hair transplant?

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They all do that to bait people into stating reality. Black women are women - part of the sex class women.

The men who say they are "transwomen" are men. Men are not, and can never be, part of the sex class women. There is no "women are women and transwomen are transwomen" and everyone should stop saying that. There are women and there are men. It may make things more wordy to specify "the men who want to pretend they are women" or " the men who think, or wish, they were women

But it is always only men or women. They know that we know they will go totally berserk and harass, threaten, cancel, doxx, try to get fired from employment anyone who outright just calls them men.

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