Girls don't need to be pretty. Girls don't need to have long hair. Girls don't need to dress up as princesses or fairies.

Girls can dress up as pirates. Girls can have short hair. Etc...

None of this makes then anything other than girls!

It was child abuse to shove "feminine costumes" down her throat when that wasn't what she wanted to wear, and now it's child abuse to tell her the only way to avoid wearing the frilly stuff she doesn't like (or have short hair as that seems to be what she would prefer) is to disavow her sex. Not abusing this girl would look like: "yes, you can be a pirate, in fact, there were women pirates in real life in history, why don't we learn about them later?" and "yes, you can have any length of hair you want, as long as you are comfortable. Girls and women have had all different lengths and styles of hair all over the world and throughout history." Why is that so hard for people? Are these younger generations (GenZ/Alpha) suffering a backlash to tomboyism or something? Did people see the non-conformist girls of the 80s/90s (of which I was one) and think, "right, we gotta put a stop to this! No more skateboarding, hat-2-the-back-wearing, baggy-clothes-enjoying girls allowed!" People have lost their minds. I feel like I must have grown up in a bubble or something. I came from a small heavily Christian/somewhat conservative town in Canada (so not as conservative as elsewhere) and yet I don't remember anyone having an issue with girls being tomboys there. Wtf?

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Not to mention pirates of either sex during the Golden Age of Piracy had long hair, because it was the fashion!

If we are going to take everything seriously, we need to get her into therapy that she wants to be a maritime criminal

"Sorry honey, you can't dress up as a pirate unless you agree to surgically remove the majority of your arm flesh to create a non-functional Frankensteinian flesh tube to replace your reproductive organs."

This was me, 40 years ago.

I remember BEGGING my mom for a gaudy bright Hawaiian shirt I'd found in the boy's section in the department store. "But this is for boys!" my mom said (probably a little horrified because the shirt was super loud with brilliant flowers and parrots all over it. "But I LOVE IT!" says little bitty me. "But wouldn't you like something from the girls' section?" "No, and look at all the colors!" and then, THEN I bring out my big guns of persuasion and say, "And also, if I spill, you'll never notice!"

That did it. My mom bought the shirt. Who could argue with such logic?

I wasn't a boy. I just needed to not be constrained by all the trappings of femininity, such as they were even in the freer days of the 70s.

I'm so sad for little girls today who no longer have that option.

Presumably this is based off her experience? Amazing how her mum is ok with her being trans but not dressing as a pirate? Its not surprising she thinks that way if she has been told that all her life

I was Superman for Halloween when I was six and I was PISSED when someone said I was supergirl. I wanted to be Superman. My parents just let me be who I wanted to be and I never had any โ€œgender dysphoriaโ€. This is coming from the parents, 100%. Gender ideology is so regressive.

Yeah I wouldnโ€™t love that either. I was a pirate as a kid and even had a pet chicken act as my parrot. I also dressed as a princes, tinker bell, a robot, a punk rocker (mostly because I wanted the fake piercings), a witch, a chef, and a โ€œspooky treeโ€ (really not sure what I was thinking with that one). Whatever it was though, my parents always helped me make it happen. Why canโ€™t these parents just let their kids be imaginative?

Every year as a child I'd ask my mom if I could be the devil for Halloween. That's my true identity, apparently

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Well, knowing you from here ......

(This is absolutely a joke!!! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ)

Let me guess, I'm a GNC girl wouldn't sell as well?

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It might, but the problem is it wouldn't also sell all those hormones with doctor's commissions and perhaps also surgical tools and all the yadda yadda.

I found it on twitter, it seems books like these are in elementary schools. Here's the amazon page with the description and authors. This is the page where you can look inside and see sample pages.

It's all about sexism and it's right on the cover. Again, girls can have short hair. Girls wanting to be a cool pirate instead of a pretty princess is normal. A GIRL WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE 'PRETTY' IS NOT LESS OF A GIRL. CHILDREN DON'T NEED TO BE PRETTY.

And you are your body, what's outside is the real you, there's no boy soul inside, a teen girl who takes hormones and has mutilating surgeries is destroying her real self. Fuck.

When I was a kid, I dressed as Anakin for Halloween. Baby Anakin, podracer Anakin.

Iโ€™m a woman. Iโ€™ve had my hair buzzed short on the sides and long on top.

Just because you donโ€™t want to focus on being seen as a sexual being does not mean you arenโ€™t a woman. Dress however you want, do whatever you want with your hair, doesnโ€™t change your sex.

Figure skating is a predominantly female sport, by their own rules this girl is non-binary.

I can already hear those smartass argue that "are you saying that boys can't like figure skating? You are sexist!" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Right? ๐Ÿ˜‚ my brother and I both actually figure skated for years so itโ€™s not my actual opinion.

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