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so it's only "chest feeding" for real Women then?

I actually knew one of the cofounders of this website... he was a PhD student at the institution I was at when I was doing my doctorate. Got into a huge scandal crying "transphobia" about getting kicked out of his FREE housing for being a belligerent narcissist. And I worked for him once as a model for his then-pet project: using knitters from his native Phillipine village to create "ethical hats." Clearly, he dropped that so he could pursue fame for being trans.

Fuck all of this nonsense.

Oh, and he was three hours late picking me up for the modeling gig I did for those hats, and never paid me.

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Just listened to Gerda Lerner's The Creation of Patriarchy again and it's baffling how the male appropriation of women's reproductive capacities have been going on for millennia. This trans BS is just a continuation of the history of male insecurity leading to them having to appropriate our life giving capacities. They erased the goddesses and replaced them with their male gods and barred women from having any influence on creating myths and legends which informed early societies into becoming male supremacist. It's fascinating and tragic that the insecure men are still at it after all this time and with their historic success in erasing female culture. The erasure of womanhood is like an ingrained cultural virus stemming from the erasure of female goddesses.

I'm more and more inclined to believe that we need more stories about female "goddesses" or archetypes that we can look to for humanizing women. Most available female archetypes are informed by male supremacy and thus misogynistic. We need a strong vision, fueled by stories, regarding what womanhood entails that's detached from the male supremacy framework to combat the current all-encompassing narrative.

There was even a ritual in some culture which involved splitting the penis shaft and calling it a vagina. Not too different from flipping one inside out.

I think I lost a hundred brain cells while reading through the comments. Fuck. There's one guy saying that he's working on getting to a point where he can donate milk. I'd rather buy formula from Nestle than feed my baby whatever kind of liquid is oozing out of that man's nipples. 🤮🤮

Milk banks will not take it so don’t worry. You can’t even be on depression medication and donate milk. And they want your medical history which has to include records from your most recent pregnancy.

Is equivalent to how men want to sneak their semen onto toilet paper in women's bathrooms or stealth women and ejaculate inside of them. It's all about secretly violating women to fulfill their sexual perversion.

Is equivalent to how men want to sneak their semen onto toilet paper in women's bathrooms

Did not know they were doing that....

Well, how much of a woman is she really if she’s not blonde and blue-eyed! If she’s a woman then so is a beefy 6’4” rugby player with a boob job! /s

Whatever happened to ethics? Can they? Yes? Should they? No. They had to use an image of a woman because I would imagine most of us would find the image of a man breast feeding repulsive. It goes against nature.

Image Transcription: Instagram


[Image with text overlaid on a photograph of an olive-skinned woman breastfeeding.]


Yes, Trans Women Can Breastfeed - Here's How


[The woman is wearing a red skirt in crumpled fabric and long pendant earrings. She sits in the shade of a stand of bamboo and looks down at the infant she is breastfeeding, with a faint smile.]

them Within the transfeminine community, it has been widely understood that trans women...

This is 100% to fulfill their delusion. No one in their right mind will give a kid the male chest secretions that resulted from taking a hormone cocktail. If the children are a priority there are many ways to feed them properly, no need to jeopardize their health to fulfill a fetish. TiMs are such narcissists. Us women are so careful of what we put in our bodies when we breastfeed as to provide the best food for our children, and this Tims taking testosterone blockers and a cocktail of hormones that have been proven to pass through breastmilk.... They are just doing it because they want to fulfill fantasies. Zero concerns about the child. Nothing more male than that attitude.

I just reported that post as false health information. fuck this.

So gross

I’m glad none of this was going on, afaik, when I was nursing

There's an SVU episode with a sympathetic TiM character. Played by a female actress. [eyeroll]

La Casa de Papel too has a TIM character played by a woman. Because if they used a real TIM they couldn't teach the woke mantra that trAnS wOmeN aRe rEaL wOMeN since they never pass.

I remember that one! Think my more 'be kind' days were partly shaped by watching movie and TV depictions that cast women as TIMs....before realizing that isn't actually what "transitioning" does.


The TiM is played by actress, Katherine Moennig. Cause, if they put in a real TiM, the storyline would have fallen apart because there's the element of passing...which, as we all know, is impossible.

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I went to the comments just to see and nobody mentioned that. That or they've been deleted

Edit: nobody mentioned that it's a woman in the photo lol.

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