This would’ve been a nightmare for me as an actually gay kid. I wasn’t even deeply closeted or anything, it’s just that standing up in front of your whole school to make an announcement about your personal life is so uncomfortable.

This is screaming “hey! Kids with extreme attention seeking behaviors, wanna pretend to be gay right now?”

The fact that none of them came out as actually lesbian or gay, because actually lesbian or gay people know that they won't be celebrated or lauded for their sexual orientation, rather discriminated against and slurred at and be called 'transphobic bigots', whereas I'm sure these kids were hailed as 'stunning and brave' and instantly popular (apparently received a standing ovation fuck's sake) fucking social contagion. when will this ideology DIE

[–] Itzpapalotl 19 points Edited

Well yeah, being gay or lesbian is so last decade...better to be something extra dramatic and pretentious - an omni sexual for example...so so very extra special!

Or just be a dude who loves sequins...a extra special begendered ladybrain

Forget all those boring homos with their same-sex bigotry and forget those outdated women too with their gross uteri and opinions ... embrace the future 😐

being gay or lesbian is so last decade

It's like when Zoomers on TikTok were making fun of Millenial women for wearing skinny jeans and parting their hair on the side.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 4 points

open invitation to the budding narcissists, yup yup

[–] OwnLyingEyes 37 points Edited

It's like they're modeling this on the kind of religious revivals where the pressure is put on the congregants to testify. When does the snake handling and speaking in tongues come in? ...Although neo pronouns might qualify for speaking in tongues.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 10 points

I'm sure some male predator is trying to use all this to get his trouser snake handled.

Painfully accurate. Also guess we could qualify "bottom surgeons" for this.

It's like they're modeling this on the kind of religious revivals where the pressure is put on the congregants to testify.

That's a very astute observation.

So, I knew that my daughter, when she was claiming to be trans, was struggling (and had always struggled) with making friends. When she was a TIF and making all these huge pronouncements, she got LOADS of attention. The problem was, she was still mostly friendless and still super-lonely and I think it also mad her angry. She was still eating lunch in the band room with the band director because she continued to try to make the focus of all friendships herself. Kids paid lip service to complete acceptance, but no one wanted to be close to her and risk her wrath.

And, just as I told several therapists, since she was grounding her entire life on this enormous lie that she was actually a boy, everything else was ALSO a lie and she eventually had zero way out, in her entire life. The saddest thing, which I didn't find out until much later, when she was out of school, was something she told me and I actually felt a lot of sympathy for her and then I found out the truth and it still makes me feel badly for another kid.

My daughter was a TIF and started dating this girl and was welcomed into the girl's friend group. Then I was told that the girl broke up with my daughter and her entire friend group ostracized my kid and, well, minus the romantic relationship, this happened to me when I was in middle school -- that my entire friend group just dropped me, for no apparent reason. It was awful. I was VERY sympathetic and did my best to soothe and commiserate with my kid (which was something I couldn't find a lot of because of her awful behaviors toward me during this time).

What I later found out was that the girl did break up with my daughter -- and, it was because this girl wasn't a lesbian and she said she just couldn't really get past that my daughter was not really a boy like most boys and she wasn't attracted to her in a romantic way. And my daughter got mad and threatened to beat the girl up and OF COURSE her friends then circled the wagons and refused to continue any connection to someone who threatened their friend, not to mention longer-term friendships.

What I'm saying is of course messed-up KIDS think that what they want and need is any and all attention and they have zero idea of what and how that might play out. But the adults in charge should DEFINITELY be aware of this kind of thing and not be promoting it. Just on its face, encouraging kids to make declarations in front of the entire SCHOOL should be understood as the terrible idea it is. Kids should only be on a stage in front of the entire school for things we know reflect positively on them -- performances of music or theater or dance, recognition of academic achievement, or to teach history via great figures from the past for a class presentation.

OK, that last one's just the plot from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but I wanted to end on a lighter note, because shit this is just some stuff I cannot believe is happening.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 10 points

If only homeschooling were actually feasible and didn’t primarily rely on unpaid female labour. I feel bad for parents (and mothers specifically). This is yet another reason why I won’t be having kids.

I don't know the laws on homeschooling (to my knowledge it isn't an option here in Germany), but does it have to be the parents teaching the kids?

As far as I heard it is only the learning progress that's controlled, so could you get away with hiring a teacher who was fired for being gender critical to teach a larger group of children?

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 1 points

No idea, but I would have to assume that regardless of legality, the vast majority of people don’t have the resources or the community interest to put that together quickly or at all.

This has the same energy like the girl coming forward on sunday in church to talk about how many other kids she brought "to Jesus". Geez.

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 11 points

what the hell is "omnisexual"? is that the same as pan-?

Many people use the terms pansexual and omnisexual interchangeably. While they are closely related, there are differences between the two. Those who identify as pansexual feel attraction to people without noticing their gender, while omnisexual people recognize the gender of potential partners. Some people put it this way: Pansexual people are gender-blind, while omnisexual people are not. Even though omnisexual individuals recognize the gender of those to whom they feel a romantic attraction, it doesn’t play a huge factor in their choice of partner.


Sure Jan...

Means also being attracted to people who aren't human. (Source of information: Captain Jack Harkness.)

Was just about to ask the same thing 😂 like, an omnivore eats plants and meat...does an omnisexual eat both sexes?

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 6 points

Lmfaooo my first thought was that they were sexually attracted to both plants and animals 😂😂🤪

All the awkwardness of Christian altar calls, with more potential for physical damage.

This reminds me of the guidance counselor from Heathers who encourages students to share their trauma with the rest of the school in the name of "healing".

(Mini spoilers: she doesn't protect the one student who actually opens up about something legit and serious)

[–] [Deleted] 0 points Edited

Image Transcription: Twitter

LibertyLins, @ LibertyLins22

Today 24/6/22 At my daughters school today in the Pride assembly, students were encouraged to 'Come Out' in front of the whole school. 2 Students did, one as Transgender the other as Omnisexual. They are 11 & 12 years old. What's going on in our schools? @ nadhimzahawi

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