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But being trans is inmate and not a social contagion nor an influence. Kay lmao

This is really a self own more than anything. Five of them! Looooool

Also isn't this transphobic as fuck that "she" rejects them as soon as they come out trans?? How does "she" know "she's" a "straight trans woman"? Why hasn't "she" tried being a lesbian couple? If "she" really loves "her" partner wouldn't "she" support them through their journeys?

What a slap in the face to transwidows who would get dragged and cancelled all over for posting something like this. Tell me you don't have male privilege and are totally a woman again. Trans = do whatever you want, as usual.

No, itโ€™s only transphobic to reject TIMs when cis women do it. And this is the only time weโ€™re allowed to see the difference between cis and trans women, come on itโ€™s like youโ€™re not even TRYING to keep up! /s

I'm so sick of the makeup tips bs. Nearly every trans women mentions this in one way or another. How do people not recognize how sexist this is?

I KNOW right? I've literally never worn or had interest in makeup in my life. Guess I'm a man then! >.>

I always have to stop and pause before deciding what "Straight trans woman" = Gay man.

I have this problem with so many things I read from trans people. All the pronouns and inhuman words/phrases make me feel like Im reading another freaking language!

Wow you can tell OP is very upset, and trying to cover that up by using humor.

It makes me think that the type of guy I'm looking for doesn't exist--which is just a sweet, loving and gentle man

I wonder who else wishes more men were like that?

And it is totally his own fault that this type of guy doesn't exist - he could have chosen to be this kind of guy himself, but he decided he didn't want to.

Now he confronts man after man with his own internalized homophobia and wonders why, after getting a hefty dose of homophobia, they want to trans, too.

Here's a suggestion: He could detransition, and lead the "hetero" relationship of his dreams with his former boy-, now "girl"friend.

Why not stay with the partner after the transition? Sounds like OP needs to unlearn some transphobic gender preferences.

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But โ€œsheโ€ isnโ€™t gay! โ€œSheโ€ said so! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

"She" might want to look for TIF boyfriends if he wants a sweet, loving and gentle man.

Oh, those TIFs have vulvas instead of penises and that's not what he's into?

Clearly, he needs to unlearn his internalized transphobia.

(But seriously, if this guy gets all his partners to want to be women, he might be THE secret weapon for healing TIFs of their delusions! He should get with a TIF. Either it is the transness that he infects his partners with, in which case he will live happily ever after with a TIF, or it is the wanting to be a woman, in which case he could cause a TIF to detrans. I mean, imagine if he had used his powers for good and got five TIFs to detrans!)

No actual sweet, loving, or gentle man would trans out, so thereโ€™s that. A feminine man can be as misogynistic as the worst ultra masculine โ€œalphaโ€ bro, often more.

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More fool him. What the hell sort of man did he think he was going to attract?

Probably because the incredible narcissism of the trans movement. You can demand other people comply to insane demands to treat you as special or you "cwy and cwy until you are sthick".

Shouldn't really be a surprise because most TIMs are watching "shemale" and "sissy" porn before they transition.

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Image Transcription: Reddit

For the 5th time in a row, a BF of mine has come out as trans and I find it hilarious, posted by u/Abject_Election_4237 to r/MtF

So, I have had five consecutive boyfriends come out as trans. I guess I keep putting eggs in my basket lol. Everytime I think I found this wonderful, dream guy to spend my life with a few months in I'm giving her makeup tips. It's absolutely hysterical.

I made them all feel comfortable embracing their true selves. But I am starting to get disheartened. I'm a straight trans woman and I want a guy to settle down with. It makes me think that the type of guy I'm looking for doesn't exist---which is just a sweet, loving and gentle man. Maybe I'll never find that.