"Isn't it cool how we're all mentally ill shut-ins caught up in a social contagion? Isn't it doubly cool how we can admit this openly but you're a TERF if you repeat it?"

Yes, your people are autistic men.

Nothing wrong about hanging out with other autistic men. Just would be nice if they stopped pretending that they're women while they're doing it.

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Nothing wrong about hanging out with other autistic men.

Their supposedly-uninclusive mostly-male communities were laid siege to by the 'pre-woke' SJW movement in the early-mid 2010s.

Some rebeled against it and became anti-woke or even right-wing. Many just accepted the new order, and kept their concerns to themselves as the censorship and language policing slowly ramped up. Some embraced the whole thing rather too much, and opted out of the much-maligned 'straight white male' identity...

There does seem to be a huge overlap with antisocial tech bros who have adult interest in children's programming and trans identification, so I'm going to have to agree with them for once.

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My partner is convinced that TIM’s are all pornsick bronies…so this would make sense 🤔

I guess I'm a transwoman too. I hate leaving my apartment, like video games. I'm not addicted to children's cartoons or porn tho.

A bunch of sad, socially inept, porn addled man-children who’s perception of reality has become so skewed, so warped and disjointed as to believe that, somehow, as grown, hulking, bepenised, sperm-infused, hairy, basement dwelling males... they have inexplicably pink, frilly ladybrains?

That’s really not something surprising or heartwarming, chaps.

Image Transcription: Meme

When I realized lots of trans women are also nerds who like to hide in their rooms and have very similar interests.

[Frame from animated show Gravity Falls, showing Mabel, a twelve-year-old girl with long brown hair and an Alice band. She is smiling and blushing. Subtitles read 'I've found my people!']