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some love for hyper feminine boys, posted by u/torrenram to r/FTMfemininity

Being transmasc while also not wanting to take testosterone, and wanting to look like a boy who could pass as a girl if he so wished too ( while having an androgynous voice ) can get pretty difficult. I often thought I was a Nonbinary boy because I felt like I wasn't boy enough to be a full on boy. And I've had so many negative thoughts because I know if I were a cis boy who looked the way I wanted too, people would be less judgemental and less likely to just see me as just a girl. Like I wanna be a boy who has more delicate features, like a girls. Plus dressing fem is fun and I feel pretty

Wanted to write this in case there's people like me here who need to know that they're valid and not alone on this! ( would be super awkward if I'm the only one here who feels like this and it isn't a universal experience, if it is pretend I was never here lmao )

I know if I were a cis boy who looked the way I wanted to, people would be less judgemental

Sadly true.

She basically wants to be herself, a girl, who's treated like a person.

How could someone like this be reached? With messages like: "you're female but you don't have to be a stereotype?"

Yep, in her own words she loves feminine things, but doesn't want to be judged for it. Hence "transmasc."

You can tell she's consumed too much Tumblr fujoshi aesthetic.

Like, I get it because I was a young fujoshi back in the day and wished I could be the feminine boys I saw in mangas. But then you grow up and realize real life exists, manga boys aren't real, and being a woman isn't a shameful thing.

Hope she grows out of it and realizes she can just be a weirdo weeb on the side without rewriting her whole identity.

I am a girl, like to dress like a girl, but want to pretend I am a boy who passes as a girl, I want to be a boy who is feminine.

She doesn't want to admit she specifically wants to be a bishounen from anime.

Girl who know she's a girl but wants to be kinda boyish as well without actually looking completely like a boy, i.e. a pretty normal GNC girl.

Sounds like she wants to be percieved as a very androgenous but sort of feminine man. A strange sort of thing to want and very few people can pull it off. You would have to be very thin and also have a sort of masculine face to begin with. I have seen some people who look like that but this is even more difficult to pull of than just being an attractive female, like why would want an aesthetic that hardly anyone, male or female, can actually attain like WTF. IDK I can understand idolizing someone with this aesthetic but making the basis of your identity achieving something like this like why.

A youtuber i used to get craft tutorials from came out as ftm but a "femboy". It was her just saying in the video she wanted to fully medically transition but proceeding to put on a full face of makeup in the video. Then she changed her name back to her original name and she deleted her channel now... i hope she is okay... i just feel like a lot more girls are going to fall into this trap just because they want to be seen as something other than woman

"Is my identity more interesting and complex than everyone else's? I believe the answer is, Yes."

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