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Women have their children removed from them for being victims of violence, but this testosterone junkie gets to shoot up in front of her children because she says she’s a man. Why haven’t CPS moved in on her, eh?

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This is bizarre. Poor kid could be traumatised. Imagine if a diabetic mother demanded her young child inject her insulin for her? Medical stuff can be frightening when you’re small and don’t understand.

Edit: diabetes is obvs nothing like this unnecessary gender madness. I mean, a diabetic woman would be vilified if she made her kid inject her (when she’s perfectly capable of doing it herself)

Love how now that she identified out of womanhood and has a patchy beard she no longer feels ashamed for liking her hot pink nail paint. The blessings of being a gender nonconforming trans men.

I noticed the mail paint, too. You’d think that painted nails would make her want to off herself, but somehow it doesn’t….

Giving birth and displaying feminine stereotypes don't induce dysphoria, only being called a woman does. Clowns, the whole lot of them.

Someone with a trans flag says, "why does a father-son bonding experience make you angry?" These people are SICK.

Lol I know the popular sentiment is that tifs aren't as clocky as tims are but most tifs are actually sooo clocky. Look at that neat little profile. Shave that pube beard and it wouldn't be out of place in a cameo necklace. And those itty bitty baby hands.

I do think it's really sad that she's only comfortable wearing pink or putting on nail polish when she can force people to play along and say she's a feminine man, rather than a relatively average woman who is apparently not very good at painting her nails and appears never to have seen a cuticle stick in her life. It is however very male of her to parentify her child as young as possible and allow the child to play with stickpins. If I had a dollar for every junkie dads dim ass domicile that I've seen with needles all over the floor...

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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine / Abusing children for clout online! / Inject your mommy with cross sex hormones / Or she'll say you want her to die

I couldn’t even watch, so disturbing and disgusting, the poor child.