Who is this even for? It looks like a board book, but the characters are older kids and there are walls of text. This would not appeal to a toddler. These are for parents who want to be woke.

I see so many "woke" board books like this that toddlers obviously wouldn't comprehend. I never got it but you're right, it's just so the parents can look superior.

God forbid we let the kids just play with blocks and stuffed animals for the first few years of their lives.

Is childhood not carefree or playful anymore? Everything has to have an agenda and support a cause.

First thought: they didn't even bother to try to make this fun for kids; just a painfully stupid, bizarre, patronizing lecture for them to sit through.

And second: Isn't it amazing that despite "boy" or "girl" apparently just being a feeling, voters always chose those who felt themselves to be "boys" to elect to the presidency? Or are they just assuming the presidents' genders from their names and pictures?

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Be yourself by basing your entire sense of self on stereotyping the people around you.

[–] EternaEspiral transbian=rapist 4 points

and stereoptyping yourself as much as possible! FIT. IN. SOME. BOX.

Conflating sexist stereotypes with the reality of sex-based oppression. Hate it.

This is ridiculous. I’ve read a lot of kids books and the language in this isn’t even kid friendly.

So if a lil kid reads this how exactly does she choose what the fuck she is. They never explain what would make her a boy or a girl. Poor kids today, this confusing propaganda shit written up by males who get a hard dick by putting on a skirt. Men will literally tear down society just to get their pathetic micro dicks hard.

This is so confusing. What’s a boy? How do I know if I feel like a girl or not?

Your grownups? It sounds similar to what my pets would refer to me.

I know right?! What is up with trans agenda and saying all normal words are hate speech? I can't call my mother my mother and apparently not even my parent? My grown-up? Do I own my mother- I mean, parent, shit, I mean grown up? What the fuuuuuck????

They way they say you "should" talk sounds like we're all robots. "Hello fellow lifeform, my name is Bill and my pronouns are she/they. How are you on this find afternoon?" And yes, it must be lifeform because I identify as a wolf and I am a wolf in all ways but physically. Dont be speciesist!!!

Lmao I noticed that too, is "parents" hate speech too now?

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