How many times do we have to tell these dotards that humans are not clownfish, and now we have to add that humans are not avocados. Cool for the clownfish and avocados. Our sex is still binary.

Humans are not avocados but some of us identify as potatoes. Trans potatoes are potatoes

Too much self-pollination going on, lol.

Plants really have nothing to do with gendershit.

Or is my cucumber plant, which recently finally made a female flower, now genderfluid ... despite cucumbers being known to have flowers of both sexes on the same plant?

Genderism is sooo dumb.

Avocados, the plant that would have gone extinct without human cultivation, are not the win for genderists they think.

This is like that Ken Ham dude who claimed god created bananas for humans because they fit in your hand.

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I'm surprised they haven't brought up mushrooms, lol

Yeah, mushrooms are really weird. (Human beings, though, are neither clownfish nor mushrooms. Nor are they avocados.)

This article was written in 2019 by the way but PopSci tweeted it today. https://twitter.com/PopSci/status/1562786140532666369?s=20&t=KOf0Osw5vWS96uUXTf5m_Q