Dude wrote a whole ass book about why he sucks. At least he was honest.

Dating is supposed to be hard for males. Try harder.

But actually don't because "submissive" 🤢🤮

Men like this are so repulsive.

What part of "men don't get pregnant and are at risk the way women are so we must vet males VERY CAREFULLY" do they not understand?

If you can't find a girlfriend clearly YOU'RE the problem.

So true, whenever I see a whiny Reddit post like “I’m 31 and a kissless virgin” I know there’s something seriously wrong with dude. All kinds of troglodytes of both sexes find partners (insert Walmart joke) so a relatively normal looking guy well into adulthood who hasn’t even kissed a woman lets me know he’s got massive issues with women. Probably a radioactive creep.

What kind of job does this king have that he can support a SAHM and children on his salary alone?

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 32 points Edited

He’s an assistant manager at Pep Boys

At least until he gets fired for missing too many days of work or being an incompetent manchild. Then he'll expect his wife to find a work-from-home job that doesn't require her to ever leave the house. That job will have to pay enough for her to support him so he doesn't have to leave his gaming/porn cave and interact with his family or have any responsibilities.

[–] spacykate 7 points Edited

Back when I was actually trying to date via online dating the number of men who seemed to be chomping at the bit to get a reason to abuse me verbally was kinda high. Those guys didn't seem to be on the app to actually meet anyone as far as I could tell, just wanted to unload onto anyone who would talk to them for 2 seconds. Please just go to therapy (eta, the men I mean, not OP).

May i translate?

"I'm too entitled, immature and stupid to attract an equal mate who i can have a relationship on eye level with. All the women my age think I'm gross and lazy! So now I'm looking for a sort of child sex slave, but, y'know, legal, I'm not a criminal! I figure the only way a woman will stay with me is if she's completely financially dependent on me because, duh every self respecting woman with her own money immediately runs away from me screaming! So yeah, did you know it's really hard to find a child sex slave and servant when you're a misogynist with nothing to offer? :( My peepee so dry :( oh yeah btw I'm porn addicted"

“I just wanted a servant who does whatever I want and never questions it! How dare you have thoughts and a life separate from me! Waaaah!”

😂 Imagine telling the “modern man” that you expect from him a fraction of what he wants from you. He could not deliver. What the hell does he even have to offer?

That's why modern dating is impossible for a woman like me /s

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 7 points


Go rot, filthy scrote. You’re not fit to be in any society.

"I want, I want" - okay, and what are YOU bringing to the table? Low value male behavior.

[–] furyosa MERF 27 points

All I'm hearing is "it's impossible to find a personal serf nowadays". If that's true, that there are fewer women who will line up to degrade themselves in subservience to men like him, then feminism is winning.

Right? The fact that he literally says it's not enough for her to want to be with him, she has to need to be with him 🚩🚩🚩

Honestly, he could find a wife like this if he went to a conservative church. But he won't do that because I'm sure he's not willing to dedicate himself to a religion or abstain from sex until marriage.

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