I think "axe wound" as an insult invented by men hurled at women being hurled back at men is a very rare instance of karma that men as a sex class seldom experience for the hell they put women and girls through.

The vulva/vagina is where all men (unless born via caesarian) passed through to enter the world and it should be one of if not the most respected body part, not just a "hole" for unspeakable acts that men treat it as. The rearranged scrotum, colon, perineum, and dick tissue shoved into a cavity at the wrong angle and place on a man's body by a sociopathic surgeon deserves no such reverence or respect. It cannot come close to comparing to the body part that is the passageway into the world. And as an artificially-created hole that needs to be prodded (dilated) daily to prevent it from "losing depth" (in other words, healing), yes, it is a wound. Wounds try to heal by closing up, something vaginas do not do. We are not in danger of our vaginal canals just fusing shut, these men are in danger of their tunnels-to-nowhere doing just that. This dude is in deep denial.

It's not as much karma as just logical consequence, I think?

I mean, if men didn't view vaginas as holes, they would never be so stupid as to believe that they can artificially create one. (The TIFs with their neopeens are a rather new phenomenon, and I think if there wasn't an existing industry for transing men, women would never have gotten the idea.)

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 8 points

Deep denial indeed. Also deeper than his four inches deep cavity. 😁

It only "functions the same" if you think vagina=hole to stick penis in.

Your inverted penis doesn't menstruate, give birth, self-lubricate, or self-clean. Vaginas don't grow hair and women don't need to get surgical "revisions" on their genitals to ensure that they urinate without pain--unless they've been subjected to female genital mutilation or have some other kind of defect.

That's the only function men think of when they imagine vaginas.

[–] hontrapoints 🤢🤮 24 points Edited

Yep, yep, yep. I've found that the best response to men who cape for post-OP TIMs and claims they're "real women because they have a vagina now" is to ask them if they have seen a TIF phalloplasty and if they consider it to be "indistinguishable" from their own penis.

Spoiler: the answer is always "no, that's not a real penis"

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 51 points

If they're not wounds trying to close up then why do you have to shove a rod in there daily to ensure it doesn't seal shut 🤔

New logic just dropped- the muscles need training 😂

Erin Reed @ErinInTheMorn · 1h Dilating is only required once a week or less after a while. This is not because "the wound is trying to close." It's because the muscles need to be trained to acomodate a cavity that was not there for decades.

The dehumanizing language around trans vaginas needs to stop.

What’s dehumanizing is him comparing a surgically rearranged penis to a vagina. That is next-level misogyny.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 40 points

Lmao that's not at all how muscles work. And not how vaginas work either! If I don't use my vagina it doesn't seal shut 💀 thought there were "no differences" God I hate these dumbass freaks lmao

What muscles?

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 8 points

My thoughts exactly. Does he actually think his ballsack skin somehow becomes a muscles once it's pushed inside of his abdomen?

Their carved tube doesn't have any muscle other than the split made between the pubococcygeal muscle to allow a hole that men don't have.

In theory the inverted penis is supposed to turn into scar tissue and scar tissue naturally contracts. Of course in the beginning it's very much a wound, and complications are almost guaranteed. Just yesterday I saw a TIM post on reddit about developing necrosis from his castration. Obviously NSFW / NSFL: https://www.reddit.com/user/Cut3LittleBunny/

[–] crodish 5 points Edited

Has a necrotizing wound and his first priority is still to make reddit his daily diary. Amazing. And people are of course still love bombing the shit out of him and giving him false hope.

Submitted posts (titles only) page 1: https://archive.ph/QmxVJ

Submitted posts (titles only), page 2: https://archive.ph/ki0bu

Here are two of his most recent comments showing exactly how fucked his situation is without needing to dive into his story.

What is your opinion about diode laser hair removal?

Well, hahaha... I already done the SRS without doing a session of laser or electrolysis.

In-grown hair ahoy. Stupid dumbass ignorant fatherfucker, and the surgeons that said go ahead anyway.

The necrosis is felling off by himself so the surgeon told me just to clean that part 2 times a day very well and things will go nice. Because he said it happened to a lot of his patients and at the end it felt off alone.

"You already paid me so I don't care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " His surgeon is a fucking liar. Also why are people going for surgeries where "a lot of patients" are experiencing necrosis. It's a feature at this point then, not a bug

All I'm reading is a young naive male terrified of what he has to do to himself to "become a woman" and doing it anyway because of the lies and manipulation he was told. It's really sickening.

Edit: this fatherfucker has attempted suicide within the two weeks of getting his nEoVaGiNa because all his friends left him and he only has his mother to turn to for support. His poor mother.

This fatherfucker is also simultaneously encouraging others to get their SRS despite the tremendous failure with his own, and constantly goes from "help my labia is falling off what do I do" and "well not every vagina is perfect, I'm only 14 days post op". The fucking cognitive dissonance in this group

Edit2: apparently he was anonymously warned against getting the surgery by someone who said "you're still a woman even with a dick, please don't do it (:" and then screenshot him a post of a "mtf" who went for reconstructive phallo after a failed neovagina. And who then committed suicide despite it. I suspect this might be sent by some undercover TERF to try and prevent him from multilating himself. And yet he went ahead and did it any way. "No one told me / I didn't know" really is not a valid excuse any more for these group of fucks.


[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 4 points

Oh goddddddddd 🤮 whyyyyyyy

TIMs accuse radfems of "stochastic terrorism" but then encourage their more gullible brethren to get mutilated. It's a sickness.

Never forget that this poster:

  • stole the name of a girl he was friends with as a child that he was jealous of
  • had to be court ordered not to steal his ex wife’s clothes for his fetish
  • has a criminal record as a drug dealer
  • complained that his friend couldn’t watch his child when he was getting his penis inversion surgery because the friend was dying of cancer and it inconvenienced him.
  • has had multiple ffs and still looks like that.
[–] astroterf 3 points Edited
  • bragged that he avoided arrest by drugging his customers with Xanax when they were on bad trips to prevent them from seeking medical help - he’s lucky he didn’t accidentally kill someone.
  • has a giant preddit tattoo

“People who say this have literally never seen a trans vagina”. Yeah but everyone has seen a penis so actually we have.

[–] VestalVirgin 2 points Edited

I doubt whether men who claim that a fauxgina is the same as a vagina have ever seen a vagina. They sure haven't looked properly at one. Like, if nothing else, the smell of a fauxgina would be a clear sign that something's fishy.

(Ironically enough, just today I came across a post by a man who claimed that, surely, a punter would notice if a prostitute he was fucking had given birth to a child a couple years ago. Now, I have no expertise in gynecology, but I do consider that extremely unlikely, unless there's a cesarean section scar. I mean, I am not even confident in my own ability to be able to tell, and I at least have some idea what my own vagina, that I never squeezed a baby through, looks like, while a punter ... yeah, suuure, he will be able to tell the difference between injuries caused by birth and injuries caused by men. Riiiight.)

No way! Not from vagina at least, though there could be some telltale stretch marks or other social indicators such as her saying “I have a kid” to Sherlock.

I really can't think of anything about "neovaginas" that is the same. Not the same position on the body. Not the same microbiome. Definitely does not function the same. Not made out of the same tissue.

Really, calling it a "neovagina" is already a stretch.

Even calling a mangled penis a vagina of any sort is offensive and misogynistic. No, your surgically created frankenhole is NOT anything like a natural and complex FEMALE body part. Fuck these men and their fetid wounds.


"They function the same"

Hahahahahahaha! Well, maybe they bleed. At first. Until the wound skin heals over?

its amazing how someone who has a kid so has presumably been near a vagina has no idea what they are made of, or apparently that they have an entire uterus attached via a cervix and can push a baby out.

This. Everytime I see something like this I realize they think it is a f*k hole and nothing more. That the vagina has no function, no specific purpose except for male pleasure.

And may I add: I am betting the holes they are comparing it to provide very little male pleasure. Which, when you think about it, after all their pain and trouble, is laughable as well.

I once read a murder mystery where the victim was ritually castrated, in an imitation of an ancient rite that intended to imitate menstruation in men.

That's what that reminds me of. There's nothing new under the sun, lol.

Wow. Blood running down their legs. “Making a woman out of a man”

Yikes, you’re right. Nothing new.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 5 points

Made up of the same parts? Wait, my vagina is made of checks notes a piece of intestine, some erectile tissue, half a glans and, er, ballskin scar tissue?

No, no I don't think so. I also think mine is self cleaning and self lubricating and it can also serve to deliver a baby.

Erin's fuckhole would tear irreparably if he took too big a dildo. Forget passing a baby there.

Fauxginas are surgical cavities constructed to give the appearance of female genitalia.They are not vaginas and the surgery is performed on men. These men are men preoperatively and postoperatively.

The comments I've seen over on r/detrans and the trans support subs disagree.

"Won't stop bleeding '


"Can you surgically remove the granulation?"

"Smells like shit".

And so on.

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