Fortunately for him he is a man, so he gets a gentle correction and reassured that they still love him. Meanwhile I remember articles being written about JK Rowling being a TERF before she even explicitly stated her opinion on the subject.

I think all this language around "being an ally" is weird and corrosive woke mind control. It's never sat well with me but you see it everywhere in the past few years, about every identity movement. It's a way to glom onto the current thing without any real stake in it or effort involved. Or yet another way that human social relationships are distilled into mere transactional exchanges. Or by adopting martial language a tacit acknowledgement that the "culture war" is more than just right-wing hysteria while continuing to proclaim otherwise, more Orwellian doublethink.

I just posted about this same munchie mum whose son is "Avery" who became a famous trans girl when he was featured on the cover of Nat Geo.

I dug up my own copy of that 2017 January Nat Geo issue and he was 9 during that interview and was asked:

"What's the best thing abut being a girl?"

"Everything is great about it."

Said the boy who has ZERO idea about what's it like being a girl 🤦

"and what's the worst thing about being a girl?"

"when boys sometimes say I can't do things they can, like when I first tried parkour"


That did not happen, but if it did then that means his parents convinced him he's less of a boy for liking pink, then kept his real sex secret from his peers, and when other boys bullied him for liking boyish activities because they thought he was a girl, his parents told him he's experiencing transmisogyny??? Raising their child in such delusion and sexism is so fucked up I'm fucking disgusted by his piece of shit parents.

Almost like it's really easy to support something without actually caring about it by parroting whatever popular thing everyone else is saying

I remember thinking, "just let them pee!" when those NC bathroom bills were initially up years ago. I knew nothing about any of this and I hadn't thought for a second what it would mean for women and girls, mostly because I assumed it was just harmless gay men who liked to wear drag. My thoughts on the topic never reached anything more than that until a classmate called JKR transphobic and I thought, that doesn't sound right. Let me Google. BOOM. Changed.

mostly because I assumed it was just harmless gay men who liked to wear drag

even if this assumption turned out to be true, gay men who wear drag are still men.

Yes, I know. Clearly. I was trying to convey how I was thinking when I was mildly steeped in the kool-aid.

Nothing is good enough for these people

If Mark Hamil responded to me, I would feel like emotionally and physically destroying my child was totally worth it

I mean wow. Twitter, am I right?!?

Sometimes they realize that absolutely no one believes their phony pronouns that everyone is coerced into using, and that people "don't really see transwomen as women".

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Always good when people find out the names and locations of child predators. If some decent child protection laws get enacted in their area, they can now be brought to justice.