I still can't tell if this guy isn't a long-game troll, he hits every "ridiculous, gross, sexist, peso-leaning, racist, etc." checkpoint that TIMs stereotypically do as a collective, but this is one man at it for what, three months? I feel like there's at least a chance he's gonna come out in the future and go "Sike! I was trolling you the whole time". On the other hand, if, say, tomorrow transgenderism was suddenly out of favour and everyone's eyes were opened and so on, maybe "I was just a troll" is an excuse multiple TIMs might use, like "I just wanted to see how much ridiculous shit people would eat up". And since basically none actually have dysphoria, it'd technically not be a lie. I don't think I'm gonna buy that as an out for that reason.

Still, this one seems like there's a chance he could genuinely just be messing with everyone. Or maybe he's really for real. TIMs are so over the top it's impossible to distinguish parody from people who mean what they say.

He's literally just a failed actor who tried doing something, ANYTHING, just to be relevant. The funny part is that he really thinks ppl aren't laughing at how stupid he is

That's what I thought just a weird troll that nobody knows. I was shocked to find out he has millions of followers like how is his content even appealing especially with the days of girlhood series. He's really awkward, doesn't pass very well as other famous transgenders, and despite being very flamboyant he has awful sense of fashion that's probably because of my current interest in fashion ( like vintage or Y2K, punk, my faves I can't afford >! and wear the looks though limited wardrobe :() !< everything he wears is so atrociously bad even by men standards and don't get me started on the makeup. The reason I brought the later two was because a lot of his fanbase are girls, and a lot of girls like gen z on TikTok are really into aesthetic fashion and makeup. I highly doubt he would gain a large fanbase if he was an actual women dressing like that and acting like that he would ripped to shred. Why are they following him

If he was an actual woman he'd be destroyed for acting like that. He acts like an SNL character for fucks sakes. Plus there's something so gross about grown ass adults calling themselves "girls"

Well, he’s been “a woman” since march, and still hasn’t grown moobs from hormones. I wonder why.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 37 points

These mediocre [censoreds] thinking they are on the level of Beyoncé when they are actually more on the level of Paul Reubens.


Beyoncé is a female, she was once a girl and is now a woman.

This bloke is a male, he was a boy, then a man, now he’s a vile misogynistic fetishist ... and still a man/male.

[–] FlorenceBlue Lvl5 Laser Lotus 23 points

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is this just straight up racism??? Wtf

Not to 'defend' this disgusting specimen but just for context, this is about the criticism he got for calling himself a girl instead of a woman. He's saying that Beyoncé in one of her new songs also calls herself a girl despite being an adult.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to the video directly but the clip is from his 'Day 188- Forbes power women summit' video

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 10 points

Beyoncé is allowed to do and say things that Dylan just isn’t and he has to accept that

I'm guessing the criticism wasn't the kind women might get for colloquially referring to themselves as "girls", but that he is specifically roleplaying childhood and adolescence as an adult man, all while sexualising himself.

No need I already linked the clip in the comments luckily it's from another account so no views

[–] Zamiel 0 points Edited

Oh yes, I saw the small twitter clip, just wanted to give the full thing in case people wanted to see the context for themselves. But yeah no big deal, people will just have to trust my comment is accurate, heh. Don't want to give him any more views, I didn't even think about that.

Don't link directly to him, then he'll get the views. I watch his bullshit on reaction videos bc I refuse to support his sexist bullshit

That’s like saying, “if this cat can be called a cat, then so can I.”


Beyoncé literally has a song called “grown woman” you scrote

Because "woman" is just a product, a costume, an idea. And every man is entitled to anything he wants.

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