I hate Family Guy. I actually hate all that Seth MacFarlane crap. But God damn if I haven't been repeating, daily, "Oh you're transgender? Then just do whatever you want, all the time."

Oh my god, shut the FUCK up.

next they'll be complaining that FGM isn't about them.... when they willingly do similar mutilations to themselves

Sadly, they already do that. They even try to shut up anti-FGM activists who were subjected to it themselves.

that is so fucking low.

i don't know why i expected them to not be this disgustingly selfish. given most of them are doing this for sexual reasons you'd think they'd have sympathy for peoples ability to enjoy sex or even urinate without serious problems (in the worst cases of FGM) being destroyed without their consent.

And that’s how we know (yet again) that they are all MRAs in spinny dresses.

MRA: B-b-but what about male circumcision? It’s totally the same as little girls bleeding to death or being stitched up and their clitorises mutilated so when they’re older, sex will be excruciating and pleasureless. WHAT ABOUT MEN?! What about penises? No one ever talks enough about penises and the importance of men’s sex lives. It’s not like the entire world was designed around dick AT ALL! Feminists are EVIL and little girls are privileged!!! 😡

TRA: B-b-but what about TIMs? If we ban FGM, maybe I can’t ever get my neovagina. I’ll be dysphoric for ever, won’t be able to get off in a girly way, and the tiddy skittlez won’t ever be enough, so when I kill myself, it’s all YOUR fault, you evil TERF! Those little girls all have cis female privilege. I WISH I had to only worry about FGM, which would be sooo validating. I’m so jealous of little girls. 😡

I guess poster is unaware that Iran is in the forefront of protecting men's right to become women.

only because they are also att he forefront of criminalising gay people. so they literally trans the gay away.

How does it work for women who want to be men?

If they're allowed to do that I'd be very surprised. One cannot identify out of being the sexually objectified class.

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There is at least one woman who was forced into being a TIF and almost forced into surgery. She is a GNC lesbian and fled Iran and sought asylum in Canada because she didn’t want to transition. She had been pressured into hormone treatment, which she was on for 7 years while still in Iran.


I, too, cry for all the nonexistant men longing to become part of the abused second class in the middle east. They'll just have to use their male privileges to comfort them at night. Very sad, many such cases!

Because when push comes to shove, this gender shit is filler for those that want to feel morally superior. Not everything is about "gender identity", but a lot of things are based on sex.

They are sad about not being forced to wear a hijab and therefore not being able to fight against it? I don't even understand their objective here!

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“I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?” 🐦