She started moving towards me.

Not a terfy move.

We usually move away from them.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself πŸ‘½πŸ›Έ 20 points

Yes. As quickly as possible.

If a woman was a true Member of the Tervenβ„’ and suspected she was among a TIM, she would GTFO ASAP & get to safety. Definitely would NOT stick around & ask the person to drop their pants.

They have no idea how socialised/afraid of unstable men we are--I can't imagine talking like that to any man alone in his house (and have certainly been in similar physical situations where I knew that my best chance of getting out unharmed was to appease appease appease until I could get away).

If there was any chance my date had a penis, I would NOT want to see it wtf

This is so obviously fake, I don't know how anyone can believe this. It's clear this person has never actually met a terf.

People on reddit are actually so dumb. They never seem to know when stories are fake. Especially if the story encourages misogyny. Like once I saw 2 stories close to each other that both had detailed descriptions of a man brutally beating up a woman who sexually assaulted someone. One a man beating up a woman for sexually assaulting another man. The other a man who apparently came home to find his lesbian sister raping his girlfriend at knife point and beat her up. Everything about these stories screamed fake but reddit believed it of course

Other than the content of the story, the fact that the conversation is written as a long dialogue with exact quotations is telling. Normally when relating a conversation to a third party, people use extensive paraphrasing and quote a few phrases, not entire paragraphs.

This, exactly. Fake reddit stories often tell on themselves with that type of writing.

This didn't happen so much, it unhappened things that had.

Omg YES, they eat up obviously fake misogyny. The most frequent ones are in AITA or a relationship sub where it’s an obvious fever-dream MRA story about an evil, conniving, cheating woman. They’ll write on-the-nose dialogue for her telling him how she’s going to take all his money in the divorce, or make fun of his height/penis size in the style of a 13 year old YouTube commenter.

Yeah. They have no subtlety. "I am going to leave you for a tall Chad, take all your money in divorce court and falsely accuse you of rape. Muahahaha"

And then the ridiculous revenge stories 🀣

"Unbeknownst to her, the judge was hiding under the table and heard the whole thing! She was thrown in a gulag and begged to get me back but I'm now a millionaire pornstar"

This is so fake even I can see it, and I'm not always that good at telling. I'm baffled so many seem to believe it. Or perhaps they just want to believe it.

Me neither. I'm not that good at telling. But misogynists tend to really overdo it. They always cram every possible evil woman trope into one story to the point that she ends up looking like a caricature of a comic villain. It's always the calm but firm, reasonable, witty and morally righteous OP against the hysterical, screeching, irrational and evil woman. It's just too much

"and then after she cheated on me with a male model, had 2 late term abortions, started an Only Fans and smoked crack in a public park, she took the kids and turned them against me!"

He's probably met tons of "terfs" (a.k.a., normal women who know he's a man), it's just that he doesn't know because when they see him they smile, nod and slowly back away.

They really need to work on their dialogue. Real people don't talk like this, but maybe the voices in their head do.

"I will, just after you show me you're not trans. Come on, I know you're just a man trying to hide it."

Classic. Like women ever randomly ask strange men to whip their dicks out around us. GMAFB.

i know, this was the best bit. Like a really really really bad script for a really bad daytime TV soap opera.

[–] NoMoUomo 20 points Edited

Poor JKR

First they cancel her.

Now they dethrone her as a top fiction author.

Will they please leave her with something?!?


LOL. That will peak the two remaining actual lesbians on r/actuallesbians.

Men writing women is always a treat, "those transgenders"

I wish they would obsess over dating literally any group that was sexually attracted to them but the appeal is being a rapist so πŸ˜“ (when men report women that won't have sex with them they only do it because they don't like male exclusive sexual orientations, are entitled asf, and denying a sexual opportunity/sexual rejection is an experience they interpret as extreme violencee why women not servile to me reee. I genuinely believe they would put us in camps if they had an option due to tendency to the incel psychosexual obsession with lesbians (also they say this often lol).

πŸ˜‚ even the terfiest terf who ever terfed would never hear the phrase LGBT and immediately go straight to accusations of brainwashing.


She didn’t reveal her evil plan in full, have an evil belly laugh with fists upraised in the air, and then take off in her coal burning, non sustainably manufactured, villain escape pod?

None of that?

I’m wondering if he is lying? πŸ€”

[–] Tq231442 4 points Edited

At what point did she swivel in her chair petting a hairless cat? Details are missing.

I'm almost crying at your "coal burning escape pod" bit 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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