Sir you are a male who claims he’s a woman - your entire identity is built on toxic gender stereotypes.

I "like" how he ended up they-ing that hypothetical short-haired girl, instead of cutting her hair short.

what does non-binary even mean if men and women can also not conform to gender stereotypes...?

would be more convincing if he stopped performing gender stereotypes


My gender atheist house is the same.

Without being ‘gender expansive’, whatever that means

Yeah except you're not going to castrate your child if he dares to say he's a princess while playing.

I can only assume a gender expansive house is a house that gets larger the more its inhabitants navel-gaze

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He teaches his son every day that women are collections of stereotypes that any man can appropriate, there’s nothing expansive about it

non-binary is as made up as the Tooth Fairy. Or Santa. Easter Bunny! None of them exist either. Children are good at living in the make-believe.

This idiotic dude runs around to Renaissance fairs thinking a flower crown and some fairy wings can magically make him a woman! ✨Abracadabra!

How does that square up with knocking away toxic gender stereotypes, bruh?

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