You literally cannot go through menopause you ignorant fucks. Your horse piss synthetic hormones don't make a difference. You are male, you are a man. You are not nor have you ever been, a woman. Shut the fuck up

A woman here mentioned a tim in their endometriosis support group for FUCKS SAKES

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The reason why they haven’t done “research” on trans menopause is because…

Men. Can’t. Go. Through. Menopause!

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Wow, he's really dumb, isn't he? I mean, all TRAs are dumb, but he's really dumb.

Tangentially related, but I read a Ukrainian TiM complain that the war with Russia might interrupt his supply of estrogen, sending him into early "menopause".

Menopause: when folx stop taking exogenous hormones, causing xeir facial hair to grow in, moobs to shrink, and girl dicks to become functional again.

Colin, you never started ovulating. Now go back to staring in the mirror and desperately trying but failing to see a woman.

Oh look, another male that doesn't understand menopause.

Besides, women aren't the ones who get angry when actual research into the medical issues surrounding transgenderism are conducted.

You know whose menopause really is sheer hell?

TIF's who go through menopause at 16 thanks to testosterone and/or puberty blockers, that's who. Because they go through it before they have even fully grown up, which is going to mess with their health in a myriad new and "exciting" ways.

And you know whose fault that is?

Not "cis people", that's for sure.

This will never not annoy me. I started surgical menopause when I was under forty. I take HRT. It’s not the same. Taking a steady dose of estrogen does not give you a menstrual cycle. They will never go through menopause. They might experience some side effects from withdrawing from cross-sex hormones that their bodies weren’t designed for, but that is NOT NOT NOT menopause. Monty can go fuck right off.

Women get angry about this because there has historically been, and still is, a disgraceful lack of research into women’s** health. Move out of the way, assholes.

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Do they go through menopause when they're at the age that most women go through menopause or do they count the years since they started transitioning ("second puberty") and then it's the end of their "childbearing years"? Someone explain this to me

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TIMS are never going to go through menopause Katy, because they are not women and if they stop estrogen, they 100% revert to the male-men that they biologically are anyway.

Yeah, they can't go through an event that literally means "end of monthly cycles" since they never had a start of monthly cycles because they're male and it's impossible

Is there even any "reverting" since they never stopped being men

Exactly. There has been no pause from him being a man

That’s his only….:

…..his only…


Rofl, I wish I could upvote this more than once!

I will try to remember this word creation and use it whenever a man talks about his Mannopause.

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