If he wants something to combat his overactive sex drive, why pretend to be a woman? Why not just admit he wants to be rid of his sex drive?

Right? Just castrate yourself and leave women out of it.

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Sometimes I feel things would better if being religious was still fashionable. Some people just are built to want to believe in something, and if that need is misdirected, it wreaks havoc.

Catholicism gave an outlet to people who hated their sexuality. They could just be chaste without deluding themselves into believing they were actually the other sex.

Nuns sometimes bound their breasts, but they didn't take testosterone or get unnecessary surgery. (And it is not that easy to become a nun - a teenage girl going through an identity crisis would likely lose interest long before it was too late to turn back.)

Self-hating gay men (or even gay men interested in meeting other gay men) could become priests, but well, that is a lot more reversible than castration.

And while the Church officially required all Catholics to believe that bread is literally transsubstantiated into the body of Christ, I don't think anyone forced people with gluten intolerance to eat what is allegedly the flesh of Jesus, but is actually wheat bread.

So yeah. If the Catholic faith is by now akin to the common cold, having evolved to not kill its victims as to be better able to spread, genderism is more like Covid 19 ... still very much in the killing phase and turning people into lifelong patients. (The difference being that governments don't fight genderism ...)

It's not just genderism, people "believing" in evolution or science or even atheism like those are religions are also doing damage, but genderism is worst.

Chastity is a kink that heaps of men are into, just do that. But of course, I am sure he already has and needs to take it further and further now. Too much porn, too much misogyny.

So what does "accept myself as trans" actually mean here? He's not on androgen-blockers and estradiol yet. Did the AGP diminish because he stopped masturbating to porn?

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Transitioning as form of chastity

I've decided to accept myself as trans, and I have to admit, it really has helped with the AGP. Since then, I have had zero desire to masturbate and the AGP "euphoria boners" are really starting to become less and less. Hopefully when I start HRT and blocking testosterone (I won't do progesterone because it seems to do nothing really except bring back libido) my libido will go away completely. What do you think of this?