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Sounds exactly like how my old friend group broke apart. All of them transed except for me (only difference is I'm a woman and a lesbian). It was awful, and even though it hurt me to leave, it was ultimately like excising a malignant tumor. Trans is a malignant cancer of a contagion and it will eat you alive if you don't concede or leave.

I hope "Thomas" finds the same strength to walk away.

"Only a matter of time before he breaks."

Misery loves company, I guess. This seems like a plot line to a horror movie - "one of ussss..."

It's revolting. After all, aren't they the most oppressed people on the planet, in need of lifelong special medical handling etcetera? Who wants that for their loved ones? Reminds me in reverse of a gay man I knew who was a parent and who said that while of course he would be supportive of his kid if he were gay, he hoped he would not be because he wanted an easier life for the son than he had. You know, like a normal caring parent.

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I also like how this blurb openly contradicts the "We've alws been that way, but the neonatal ward boyos guessed our gender wrong at birth ::sob:: ::sob:: ::SNORT::" narrative, and not just once.

Dang, does anyone smarter than me want to do the math on this one? Let’s see, trans % of the population is around 2% I think, what’s the chance that 3/4 of them are trans? A very small number, I reckon. They all must be awfully lucky for them to find each other like that and then come out at the same time. Small world, I guess…

sensible chuckle

Thomas is the last man standing... amongst other men.

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