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I think this person is referring to a survey of 1,683 newlywed heterosexual couples in the US conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University (Mormon) that was published in 2018. .

Of course, this person is totally misrepresenting what the researchers found. They didn't find that "49% of married women report never having an orgasm" in their lives. They found instead that

87% of husbands and 49% of wives [in the newlywed couples surveyed] reported consistently experiencing orgasm [during sex with their spouse].

43% of [newlywed] husbands misperceived how often their wives experienced orgasm [when the couples have sex].

Unfortunately, the abstract of the paper online doesn't make it clear exactly what specific sex acts these newlywed couples were engaging in, or the researchers assumed they engaged in, when they had "sexual relations." But I have a hunch they might have equated having "marital sex" with often perfunctory "wham bam thank you ma'am" PIV intercourse and only that narrow activity.


In a study of heterosexual encounters, only 50 to 70 percent of women reported having orgasms compared to 95 percent of men.

in a committed relationship, 70 percent of the women report orgasm. But with casual partners, the rate is just 49 percent.


Previous studies have provided consistent results that men experience orgasms in intercourse [with women] considerably more frequently than women. More than 90% of men usually experience orgasm in their [sic] intercourse; among women, this proportion is only around 50%

50% of women reporting not usually orgasming from/during PIV intercourse with men doesn't mean that 49% of married heterosexual women have never had an orgasm.

Thank you for tracking down where this person gleaned their "data" from - it definitely seemed like a misrepresentation of a study, and sure enough..

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Translation: "We, men, have always been making the lives of half of all women who were stupid enough to marry us miserable, so why the big deal about us wanting to ruin children's lives in an even more permanent way that they cannot get out of via divorce?"

(Even if the person who posted it is a woman, she's making patriarchy's point for them.)

I guess next up they’re gonna defend FGM— oh wait, I believe TRAs have already tried to shut down discussions on FGM because it makes them dysphoric and they are worried it would outlaw their bottom surgeries.


It's under this interview with Jon Stewart. It's not the first time I hear this braindead argument. The sadism TRAs perform is truly astounding. "many women have trouble orgasming - which is mainly due to societal reasons, not physical - "so it's okay to physically damage children".... "some people had to have a sick limb amputated so it's okay to do the same to a person's healthy limb". same logic. Or: "some people were born without eyesight so it's okay to blind children".

Right? It's not a long jump from that to "30% of women experience sexual assault, so it shouldn't be a big deal". Although I have heard men make that argument..

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Unfortunately TRAs are past the point of no return with their commitment to castration drugs / surgery on demand as a “life saving” healthcare service for children that there’s no report of harm that can turn them around.

This is a good argument against heterosexuality for women, not transing the gay out of them

This person has got to be a troll. And someone who doesn't understand female sexual arousal and response either. It's possible to have nice sex without an orgasm in the sense of a big climax release. These people can't get aroused either.

Well, I do think most married women who don't orgasm also don't have nice sex. But yeah, having no orgasms with an intact body (for whatever reason) is very different from having your body mutilated.

But also, "many women have it bad, so why not make it even worse for children?" is just such a stupid argument.

Transactivists are always like this, though. "Men sometimes get raped by other men in men's prisons! So, why not inflict being raped by males on imprisoned women, too?"

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The TRAs want everyone to think that the men most likely to get raped in prison by other men are TIMs or gay men. When in fact, the men most likely to get raped in prison by other men are guys who've been convicted of rape and especially child molestation.

The reason TIMs are at risk of sexual assault by other men in men's prisons is not that they are fragile, feminine-seeming weaklings and thus easy prey the way they all pretend and want the world to think. The reason other men rape and sexually assault TIMs in prison is that so many TIMs serving time behind bars are creepy, predatory convicted sex offenders who have committed really heinous, disgusting acts of sexual violation and violence against others. Moreover, the people these TIMs have chosen to victimize really are "the most vulnerable in society" - babies, little girls and boys, adolescent boys and girls, women, and persons with physical and intellectual disabilities and impairments that render them unable to fight back.

The figures vary from year to year, but information provided by the UK Ministry of Justice shows that in any given year, between 50 and 60% of TIMs in prison in England and Wales are convicted sex offenders. The USA's federal prison system says that 50% of TIM convicts in federal custody have been convicted of federal sex offenses. (Federal sex offenses are the most heinous ones. They are sex crimes that involve extreme violence, murder, serial murder, kidnapping, torture, sex trafficking, child molestation, child sex trafficking and the manufacture, distribution and possession of media showing filmed acts of children being sexually abused aka "child pornography.")

TRAs will claim that the TIMs in prison for sex crimes are usually serving time for doing "sex work." But that's not the case. Nowadays, men don't get sent to UK prison or USA federal prison for turning tricks and giving blow jobs to other men for money. Although many TIMs in prison, especially the gay ones, probably have done prostitution or other kinds of "sex work" at some point in their lives, that's not why these guys ended up in prison.

The reason other men rape and sexually assault TIMs in prison is that so many TIMs serving time behind bars are creepy, predatory convicted sex offenders who have committed really heinous, disgusting acts of sexual violation and violence against others.


What? Sex without an orgasm is miserable

I can enjoy sex without orgasm. I prefer to have one and actually do most of the time, but it can be nice even if it doesn't happen.

Women are expected to enjoy sex without orgasm. Somehow, men never are. In most cases, het sex is over when he orgasms.

If I don't get an orgasm, I want to know why I wasted my time on his.

I never found it so. Besides, I can have an orgasm any time under my own steam and finish myself off if I need to. The connection and extended pleasure of being with someone else is what makes sex different. And orgasms vary so much.

That they do. It’s actually insane how different they can be from each other. One of the many great things about having a female body.

Holy shit, this is a dumb argument. “Many women don’t orgasm due to living in an oppressive patriarchy that values male-centric sex which results in women’s sexual needs not being met THEREFORE it’s fine to chemically castrate children and entirely remove their ability to have a proper sexuality when they grow up.” Make it make sense.

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I’m seeing more and more copes of this type.

“There are cis men with erectile dysfunctioning micropenises too.”

“Cis women also can have necrotic vaginas colonized by fecal coliforms and constant multi-drug resistant UTIs.”

“Lots of cis people are alone and will die virgins.”

It’s so pathetic to see these rationalizations offered up. As long as there is at least one “cis” person who has ever drawn breath and had/has the problems they are unnecessarily inflicting on themselves, then all is totally normal and not at all insane.